[Master] -- 👻 Soul Exchange

most atmpting is c. Finley to me, if this list was on last SE will probably take Alfrike, but is mindnes artack now in better and co. e to some more new and fast heroes its not so tempting

That doesn’t sound like a good sacrifice for me personally LOL

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Do you know what lvl mana/ wizard troop on Ludvig has to be for Xnol to charge him with 9 tiles?

Appreaciate the help!

I am always amazed how much stress / self load is put on emblems for deciding the hero.

I don’t do that… coz, mats & emblems fall in line if hero impacts overall roster = my main aim.

Most of my heroes are around 10 to 15 emblems nodes & key ones are LB.

  • have very few with +20 emblems🤣
    I play the game with fun and win fairly a good %
    My defence doesn’t do bad…!

To anyone who has Ludwig & C-Blk Knight, is one noticeably superior to the other?


Here’s a calculator that will tell you exactly… but I’m happy to help the first go round…

Presuming you apply the 2% mana emblem bonus, you need a 16% mana bonus from troops or heroes (before dark tiles get launched). So 18% total.

But… if you do have the 2% mana bonus, then you can use a styx or magic level 23 troop for 17% and get 19% and be @ the 9 tile threshold.

But seriously… give the calculator a try… it is magic.


Don’t do it not worth it


I smell a massive troll job here :joy:

But I agree it must be exhausting being the only Oracle… I guess I’ll wait to be surprised on the 17th :partying_face:


Just buy that legendary package on SE day to save one or two of those in your list that have roster value in your play.
LudwiG is worth it.

If you are F2P…. Please disregard.

Cheers !

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Thanks pal…. Whether it is or not will be known in 36 hours.

Your efforts are appreciated.

No point arguing, as some seem to not understand / don’t want to understand…. a simple logic of limitations on the forum.



Isn’t Cristobal’s effect swapped into this iteration. It used to be what you described

If that list is real, most likely would get Finley. Because as I mentioned my blues sucked and he’s still good. As much as I loved to get Ludwig, I am swarming with purples

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If you’re comfortable with the loss of mats, those heroes are worse than many 4* cept maybe poseiden.

I’d personally do a few pulls (if you’re close to 100 for fated) and save Poseidon.


“I thank you for your participation and hope we can count on you for another round of tests.”


From this list, I already have Malicna, Hanitra, Russell, Vela, Ludwig, Caitlin, Alfrike, and Faline. Looks like a good set of heroes to choose from. :grinning:

While many of us here are debating whether they would choose Ludwig or Alfrike, I am contemplating on whether I would get Cobalt or C. Finley. Gregorion, Cristóbal, Saoirse, Frigg, and Emilio are also great options for me, but I have too many green heroes to level up (got Guardian Chameleon and Mother North from the first two SEs, plus my backlog of 5* green heroes and only two tonics in my inventory now), and I got Asterius from the previous SE.

Excited to take my newest roster addition from the SE soon :sunglasses:

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Just to add this to the discussion, if you find any of the towers, hard season levels or other events, etc difficult to finish, then Ludwig will make them waaaaay easier.


Thanks for selecting me…. Look forward to the privilege :wink::smiling_imp:


I would not do that. Hard to use two of him on defense, his best use. The rest of the 20 soul tier would be better than a dupe ludwig.

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I see Gregorion in the list and I know that he’s a good titan hero

But I’m running this team against blue titans

C Brienne for Defense Down
C Francine for Nature EDD
Ratatorsky for increased tile damage
Tarlak (came from Fated Summon) for attack up
Franz for damage increase

I just can’t see where Gregorion fits in this team.

Cobalt would be an amazing offensive hero for my blue team

I already have Faline, Alfrike, Saoirae, C Finley and Frigg so Ludwig will be my choice

He will improve my VF war defense

Wow. You sure you want to part with posiden and vanda? It sucks to lose any of them, but that is rough. You won’t consider that the next SE would be just as good?