[Master] -- 👻 Soul Exchange

Sorry, I was only joking, of course

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i don’t see soul exchange in November calendar.

is it possible they forgot about it?
i hope it is only a mistake in the schedule topic

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@Petri, could you clarify if SE will take place next month?

Would you provide a link to the November calendar?

The calendar post is at the top of the main screen.

It is here @Shades :frowning:

So it seems it will be held on December 12th only :frowning:


Fo real? F¥©¢¢¢¢¢¢

This… Is fine… But God damn it.

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Jez… This sucks. I was really looking forward to SE to get rid of some heroes and make more space… Pity we have to wait another month… Oh well.


If i had 19 heroes to trade… I would welcome the wait… But… I have 20… And i wanted to transition from tc20 to tc2s… But… But i don’t know.


Noooo, please I’ll sacrifice Dawa in your honor E&P Gods! But please not another 30 days of my roster bursting…I need to have training grounds done quickly not 2 hrs later…

I’m gonna try to be the kinda gal of holding out and saying it’s just a no info yet. That’s easier to acknowledge than another 60ish or less days away!

Just 28 extra days, but still

was it confirmed by the devs to be on December?



Thanks for the info @PlayForFun. How do we know it’s in December?

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They could, at least, share the reason why it’s postponed by a whole month.

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Making it a 16-week event then. Thrice yearly. Gives players more time to accumulate dupes after the first 2 rounds.

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It just makes more sense to wait until after the Black Friday portal. Spenders will have a much better idea of whom to choose in Dec.


After this se… I’m leveling what i have before accumulating more se feeders… So 16 weeks is fine… But inquiring minds want to know… they really need to drop all details…

I am just guessing.

Staff earlier told that this is a quarterly event.

We had it in first quarter (February), second quarter (May) and third quarter (August).

Having it in December will still fit in the forth quarter.

Anyway I have asked Petri for confirmation.


I guess that makes some sense… 12*4=48… But there are 52 weeks in a year… So pushing se back a few weeks… Ok… I’m still not happy… But this doesn’t feel like a huge transgression against the player base.

Have I told you lately that I appreciate all your help? Thank you for checking and providing your insights!