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??? Am I doing something wrong or are these Slayers in the challenge event immune to debuffers? I tried removing their stacks with a debuff special… but they were still there? :sweat_smile:

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Could you share what teams you used, please.

That was my rare team

Finished pretty easy, although I still have to find the best way to deal with rage…


Stacks are unaffected by dispelling, as dispelling is solely for buffs (not stacks)

They’re their own thing, with no real counter (atm) for removal


Was able to pull the 3* and the 4* and tested them out on S1 elite enemies (to satisfy the POV challenge). They went right into battle at 1/1, then I cringed because I would need to use potions to heal them, and right away, Maeve got into the red.

Then the family bonus kicked in after a couple of turns. Didn’t notice much in the mana growth, but after the first wave of monsters, my team was at full HP. That is crazy…and scary.

I can just imagine going into a raid battle with 2 or 3 slayers, and they won’t even need a healer. And for that, I am going to keep dupes of the 3 & 4* slayers.


Are there no chests in this event?

Not 100% true.

Malosi can prevent new stacks and lepiota can remove already existing stacks.

Yes, and you can have a hero die, and resurrect, to get rid of it too

(ie Tyr, Mother North, Alberich, etc)

But I said real counter for removal

Ie no dispelling/cleansing etc for stacks.

Just niche work-arounds atm

Lepiota is a real stack remover?

You cast the special and all stacks from the target are removed. Exactly the same as every single dispeller with buffs. Or what more do you want to count as real?




Yes, Saoirse is one of the ugliest women that I have ever seen :joy:


Lol yes she’s prob the only specific remover in the game (despite it not really being specifically for that, but def works for it). Ghost form is another that would work too

Mostly tho: you work with the few work-arounds that exist - that only exist in rare heroes - or deal with it :sweat_smile: As currently, (what I was trying to say), there really isn’t a full “clean-slate” removal, like what dispel does for buffs, or cleanse does for ailments (ie a “removes stacks” skill). Stacks are their own thing.

But afraid at this point, we’re just debating semantics here :joy: Less you have very specific, rare heroes, you’re more than likely gonna haveta deal with the latter til a true counter skill comes out, that’s accessible, and specifically designed to remove em.


I already had one chest.

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Yeap never said there are easy to get solutions :joy:

I have nothing, so whoever cast stacks I can just watch and hate them :sweat_smile:

And here just for comparison kage and lepiota. Both are map season heroes, so probably the same “rarity” and kage gets regularly recommended as dispeller.
So I would say whoever count kage as a full dispeller should also count lepiota as a full stack remover.
Both do something different afterwards, but the first part of the special is comparable enough for me.


Crikey! :exploding_head: I was not aware of this, i can see now why people are fearing stacks!

I’ll remember next time to bring Malosi , then!

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Not feeling this event. Can’t get a sense of when I’m on a good score.

Might just complete it for the items and sit this one out for a proper run.

I have more time tonight to see how I feel. First run though rare and it just wasn’t clicking for me


Imo I would never use Kage as my dispeller, but as a sniper. His dispel would just be a nice caveat 9/10, or a great counter for counter-attack heroes.

For me, my “real” dispellers are those that dispel at least three, up to all. Zeline, Evelyn, etc.

Although, to be fair, I have neither of these heroes. So no doubt it’s affected my view-point on this.

Even still, I’d classify Lepiota as a mana control first, with removing stacks as a nice caveat. A counter, but not a true counter. If that makes sense?

Kinda like Tyr is a sniper, but not a true sniper :joy: More a swiss-army-knife sorta hero, and that’s his talent.

Or like saying Garjammal is a healer just cuz she heals herself :sweat_smile:

Idk, that’s my own viewpoint on this tho lol they exist, but it’s not their main purpose, so while I acknowledge their use-cases, they’re far from full-proof options

Have I derailed this thread enough with my own perspective on this :poop: yet? :sweat_smile:

:smiling_imp: My bad; I’ll try and go to bed now :joy::rofl:


Me neither. There are a dozen QoL changes we need and yet they come with this :poop: event.

I have a suggestion of event: When the battle starts you get a 99% chance of getting an instant kill from the “event’s special”. :ok_hand:

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Kinda going back on track, kinda not. Just for clarification regarding the Slayer family bonus. Do the stacks count as buffs? As in should I max Orla and Cillian and get them ready for the buff booster raid tournament?

Completed all 3 stages, not a single one (
Will try more then.

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