🔪 [MASTER] Slayers of Fell Shadows Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

I finished rare and I am halfway through epic. Usually I don’t go for high scores in my first run, because I never know exactly how much playtime I’ll have, so my main goal is always completion first.

That being said, here are the main points:

Assembling the team: I ran Grevle-Melia-Sudri-Pixie-Bjorn for the whole thing. I rarely used any battle items, because as I said, I didn’t mind the scores at first. Wanted heroes at least average or slower and their specials have to matter when I need them. All of them emblemed to +4. Also, figured I would need heroes that improved my tile damage, since specials are on a limited use here.

Grevle: Overheal is awesome, because the slayers hit hard at higher rages. The attack buff synergizes well with the crit bonus from Melia.

Melia: Purely for tile damage. I always prioritized casting her special, along with grevle’s, when possible.

Sudri: Big slow hitter. Not much to comment.

Pixie: Mana control on strategic moments.

Bjorn: Heavy purple hitter, good for killing yellow bosses. Maybe would trade him for (C.) Tyrum for dispell/cleanse on particular levels, but finished with this guy no problem. Sometimes you just need theo brute force.

Gameplay: My gameplay was purely about managing rage. A lot of the times I would cast a special or use a battle item if rage was at minimum, but if the board was crazy good, and I had crit /attack buffs on, I would just go with the cascades.

Ideally, you want to get to 3/3 (boss stage) with multiple diamonds, dragons and cascades available, every special at ready and every buff up and rage at minimum.

Level difficulty: First 3 levels are easy. You can ignore everything I just said and just autoplay. 4-6 start to get tougher, but the sweet spot for rage is at 1.45x. Still preety manageable. 7-10 you want to play safe at 1.30x, but I did get to 1.45x multiple times at the last level and finished with everyone alive.

Don’t be afraid to max rage to get most of your synergy. It’s just not manageable on long term.

I’m also using the same fundamentals on epic. Running Gullin, Wu, Almur, Wilbur and proteus. Let’s see how this team fairs.


It’s another term for summoning heroes from the portals in the game :slight_smile:

I still feel like all the artworks of this event is a bit off. They seem like they don’t even belong to this game. (also with some characters from the LoV, like Toxicandra or Crystalis)


I agree with being off. But I loved the “realistic” feel that we used to have from season 1. The armors are insane and they all look badass.

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First play through on rare

I did not need the healer. I thought Kvassir would help chip away at health if I used him on wave 1. It did chip away a bit, but not super helpful overall.
Isshtak was the only special I constantly used.
My strategy was 100% just move as many tiles as possible for each turn, then apply defense down on bosses.

Let’s see where this lands me.



Ah, thanks for the clarification.

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Congrats! I also got her and Rushed her to 3*70. The stacks is quite impressive really. At first I was hyped(if I summoned these heroes)/concerned(If I have to battle these heroes) about the mana stack, but the heal stack seems like it could be even more annoying when playing against. at +10 right now its 120 HP per turn that she heals. If someone gets lucky enough to summon 3 of these legendary heroes and puts them on defense, It could be a real pain to deal with. Mix in Garnet and Onyx…YIKES!

Happy gaming everyone!


There are chests, I’ve had two already


Am I the only one here who feels the current event is too difficult? when the skills of heroes and battle objects make the game more difficult


I find this event the easiest one of all…

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The developers, explain whether it was a bug that lord loki copied the hero’s abilities and his stack, which then stopped growing further?


I did a 10 pull and 3 free pulls with coins and I got the three 4* (triplicate cillian by the way), so it’s ok for me, I wanted the 4s because I won’t have the mats to ascend any new 5 for a long time.

I’ve tried the whole team of slayers together and they are cool, after 10 turns or less they heal 110 or 120 each turn. I’d also like to test Aodhan, my first fiend heroe, with ureaus :slight_smile:

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Very similar except got a Leonidas and two of the green 3* which I might level both of them. The fact the odds of getting a season 1 5* is higher than getting the event hero at 1.5% versus 1.0% is absolutely ridiculous. The last four 5* I have gotten from these events are all season 1 garbage!


not a developer, but Lord Loki just copies a targeted hero’s special skill. in order for Lord Loki to increase his own stacks, he would need to copy a Slayer Family hero’s special skill multiple times. otherwise, the passive stack increase is a part of the Slayer Family bonus, and Lord Loki is a Jotunheim Realm hero, not a Slayer Family hero.


Beat Legendary, first 3 stages mono Green, then switched to mono Purple until the end.

Used only one mana potion… trick for me, was to ration my specials. from minimum rage, one can do 4 specials without triggering maximum

Proteus, C-Rigard, Tiburtus, Bera and Seshat… Proteus’ mana block and Bera’s (and Seshat’s) minions helped a lot. the bosses charge mana quite slowly, so plenty of time to re-charge Proteus with tiles. And the minions helped whittle them down


I think that in this event the slow heroes are the best, as they have more effect per shot, and you won’t be able to fire fast or very fast heroes without enraging everyone. Pair of Gullinbursties works wonders in Epic one. So get your Alfrikes ready.

Kinda makes sense for an event that has only slow heroes.

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In hindsight for last level of epic cMel would’ve been a better choice than Caedmon. Slash attacks really start adding up with that rage bonus so heal+defense buff is very much needed.

For legendary the first two levels I actually used a variation of my epic team (Gazelle-Almur-Marcel-Fogg-Lianna) but it turns out even with weak tiles, the red team just did a much better job of slicing through the mobs even on the last level. Gonna have to replay the first few levels with my red team and see if I can squeeze out some more points.

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i need hams



Stage Rare Epic Legendary
1 375 291.67 250
2 540 430 365.25
3 476.67 422.5 384.4
4 593.33 522.5 476.6
5 532.5 498 474
6 620 578 550.83
7 566 548.33 538
8 636 615 603.86
9 588.33 584.29 586
10 645 643.57 644.25

Rare stage 10 seems to have the highest exp/WE but several other stages are close.


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