Master - Skadi Not Giving Stacks

These two aren’t possible & I haven’t seen it occur in my raids with Skadi. Have deliberately tested against Grazul & Garnet too.

This one is weird & shouldn’t happen. I believe that “withstand” (monk class) can prevent them sticking

This is the way it’s supposed to go.

Another odd one if true; not one that I’ve noticed personally

Note on the Fighters; if they die fromt he direct damage portion of skadi’s skill they shouldn’t get the stacks/ ailments (order of effects on the card and all that). Note that a “revive” from fighter class does not count as +1 on the stack count as the hero isn’t dead.

I’m using Skadi in Ninja tower and when in kill one of the last bosses and 2 are left, use her special they don’t have ice damage

If there is no death as a direct result of her skill then no ice damage will be applied:

I’d like to see some recording but my gut tells me the boss died of something other than Skadi’s skill


Hi @Hawkeye; merged your thread. Read up earlier in this thread for an explanation of what happened.

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