Master - Skadi Not Giving Stacks

Skadi’s special doesn’t end after it should.

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I don’t think that this is a bug.

His card is not saying that the effects ends after x rounds or when the hero dies, so I would say it is working as it should. Just be lucky that he has only been able to fire once.


You are 100% wrong. Skadi can fire and continue to take damage until the fight is over? Her card says she does stack damage, not reset damage like alice.

Skadi’s special is an undispellable stack. It will stay for as long as the fight goes on. It is not a bug. For more details check out this following thread. :slight_smile:


As @thepirateking said this is not a bug. Back in beta testers brought it up to staff that stacks had no end to their duration, but their QA confirmed that this was intended. They persist until they are either removed upon death or by specific transformations like the Ghost ones.


This has to be repaired. How can it be this way? It can’t be prevented or cleansed and won’t end. How broken is that?

Should it be removed upon death? I killed Skadi right after she fired special, but it remained until the end of the fight. Which unfortunately was the end of me as well, with no way to counter it. Would constant healing be the most effective strategy? I don’t know. Something doesn’t seem right. The first match, I lost as well, when I had 5 heroes to the other’s 2. Skadi’s stack took out my whole team.

When you are a bad player you will always blame the heroes, the skill of skadi is specific without minios it will not cause you so much damage

Take that nonsense out of here.

Used his special on Skadi and nothing happened except initial damage…no dot…

IIRC Skadi only causes the stacks if she kills someone with the special. Based on your screenshot, no one is dead, unless you killed some minions.


I’ve noticed this before but paid attention today when I used her in the Trials today. On 3rd level where there’s Joon, Boril and Friar Tuck. I killed Joon then set off Skadi, the Frost damage per turn wasn’t there and it says her special…per dead enemy

Is there something in missing

It’s only per enemy/ minion killed by Skadi. If Joon was dead before she fired youd get no stacks. If Joon had been on low health and Skadi finished him off youd get a stack

So she has to be the one to kill the enemy for the special to work?

Yep.thats why she is so good in minion wars/ vs Telly etc

Please explain to me how Skadi can use her special on my team and create a stack…but when Lord Loki uses her special he only get the hits but not the dot stack…Skadi’s screenshot…

Lord Loki’s screenshot

Skadi’s stack occurs when a hero or minions are killed by her special.

You have Telluria on your team, did Skadi kill those minions with her special, because that would produce a stack.

The defense has no minion producers, so you would have to kill a hero to produce a stack.

Hopefully that helps to explain it.

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Thanks for the explanation…that helped

If Skadi destroys minions or kills an enemy hero then the stacks start. If you use L. Loki and he copies Skadi, but doesn’t kill minions or heroes, no stacks will occur.


I also currently believe I’ve seen issues with Skadi’s stack skill. Things like:

  • Being cleansed by normal cleansers
  • Cleric talent proc’d but blocking both the -mana gen and frost damage portion of skill
  • Missing even though no blind or dodge active
  • Be blocked by grazul/garnet “prevent applications of new status effects”
  • not be blocked by grazul/garnet “prevent applications of new status effects”
  • Apply a 2x stack for only killing one minion.
  • Apply no stack for killing multiple minions.
  • Be removed from a fighter who revived

I’ll start taking more videos and reviewing as there are sooo many interactions of status effects possible it’s hard to always rationalize them in the moment… but Skadi, you’re on watch :eyes:

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