[Master] Show your limit break heroes

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Thank you. I see you went attack there. How do you like him so far? Who do you pair him with? Im thinking tiburtus, costume rigard and onyx for my black mono team

I’ll definitely be pairing him up with junaid to take advantage of the fast heal and family bonus.

He’ll likely find himself as left wing behind junaid in tourneys, and I went att path on both to optimise their skills and passives/on-deaths.

Hopefully junaid gets a few revives to boot

I run 3/2 for the most part so unsure if he’ll make a war squad given the abundance of dark tanks. But again, he’d go well with junaid so it’d be a dark/red team. C.Rig - Ahh - Jun would be a nice start…

A 4* dark event team of c.rig - sergei - (c.)tibs - ahh - ametrine would be handy


Some more I’ve done since last time.

Leveled regular version of Alby that I use on blue titans. Talent grid is full def/hp for costume which weirdly enough equals full attack for regular version.

I don’t have plans to level regular version of Marj anytime soon. I pretty much just use her costume.

These are after last LB quest :


Wow, you´ve certainly been busy :clinking_glasses:


Rekhetre looks tanky for a 3*

Used her as tank for last buff boost.
She good :smiley:

Yeah I do post every single hero I Lb’ed in here. For now I’m done with 3*/4* yellow heroes for LB. No one else is worthy atm.

Yep, as a healer I went def/hp. No reason to go any other route for healers imo. Really seems tanky enough as a tank for buff booster.

That´s awesome. I mostly focused on four stars, as I have few five stars anyway, and few LB materials. But slowly beginning to take care of three stars now :blush:

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Finished her some time ago. Emblem path def, health whenever possible. Been amazing!


Just finished BK(C)

Stats with maxed def troops