[Master] Show your limit break heroes

That’d be an interesting decision… Except I don’t have Elizabeth! :frowning: Very nice though!

I am wondering if GM is worth LB or not. I have Elizabeth as well and BK though, but I seem to take GM on raids more then Elizabeth, probably because I can charge him with 6 tiles. Any opinions on which one I should go with?

I’m all for LBing the one you use most. Defense is nice for the two wars, but you raid and clear stages everyday. GM is a fine choice.


GM would be my choice out of those 3 especially as he is the one you use most often.

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BK would be my choice

As i see so many players ask which hero to limit break which one is best suitable hero for limit break and many… Here im poating some limit break heros for your rough information…

Note- Stats of geros may be different according to path of emblem…



Recently maxed this nice lady that has served me well ever since I got her.

Emblems all on attack.


I LB my Master Lepus since he is my best offensive blue, and I usually place him on my war defence. Attack path for emblems.


I also limit-broke my Mitsuko, as I thought she is the best to get the limit breakers over my other Fire hero choices, Khagan, Reuben, and Yang Mai. My emblem path on her is all-attack. :blush:


— Emblem path Attack + Defense —

— Emblem path balanced —

— Emblem path Attack + Defense —

— Emblem path Defense + Health —


Here are some of mine (not posting doubles from above like Valen, Wabbit or Nordri):

Screenshot_20210626-170426_Empires (1)


Here is my guy, Mack. Only with 13 unlocked talents he has very good stats for a 4star hero and deserves a tank spot (I don’t have fully ascended 5star heros anyways)


Did some 4* yellows since I am still 1 short on yellow 5* aethers and both those 4* get alot of use for me. Did a 2nd poppy as well but no blems on #2 yet.

Didn’t realize I had enough purple aethers to do a 3* so I figured why not Balthazar. For some reason I’m kinda lacking 3* purples so him or jack were only options.


What emblem path is your Gullin? Gonna propably limit break him too, or Mist/ D’Andre.


Went defense & health route on the golden pig. Figured he’d be good to use as a healer in vfast wars as I have limited healer options and no other over-healer on my roster besides grevle.


Will take me sometime before i can max em…


What’s Gullinbursti’s card read? On the part regarding the damage he deals after his attack up buff goes away? It would be the second but point in his card.

If it went up from his original, that would convince me to break him.

Those are the 2 I have for a comparison. A broken, max blem and a 2nd just maxed.


So the limit breaking gave Gullin 26 extra damage (I have one at +20 emblems def/hp route without break).

I made my decision and limit broke Mist. The reason why I chose her was that I think my emblemed holy 4* healers are sturdy enough against 5* heroes already, but Mist was a bit too squishy, although her special is just so awesome. Will take a couple of days to finish leveling her up.


Thanks! Looks like hell hit just a bit harder.