🌴 [Master] Sand Empire Portal Stats & Summon Results (Summer Event)

Since C-Rana does water damage now, she now synergizes better with Yunan and the other sand damage people. I see this quite as an improvement.

By the way C-Yunan looks rediciulous in his Mitch Buchannon disguise. :confounded:

Yea, I had mixed feelings for it.

When they proposed costumes for Gravemaker, Killhare etc their costumes changes the skills completely. So behind the paywalled rework you also got a powerful secondary skill. That was too much.

With what they did to Yunan and Rana it seems to be just a small lifting - something I would expect from non-S1 costumes more than what was proposed originally for the first batch we saw. So it’s more like Horghall vs C Horghall and not like Kadilen vs C Kadilen. I hope when they reintroduce Killhare and others it will be the same approach as with Rana and Yunan.

Which is why I wasn’t against it all that much. But certainly, Yunan and Rana even with costumes are going to stay in the same “meeeh” category of heroes. Combine that with terrible artwork and lack of costumes for Roc, Jabbar and others and I am pretty much holding on to my 60+ epic tokens - maybe spend some in July to help secure Devana.

Now onto the TERRIBLE 60 level autofarm grind :woozy_face:


Are you kidding me with that extra 0.3%? So now you have a 0.3% of getting Rana/yunan without getting the costume? When you can combine both and have a 1.6% pull rate.
My gosh this game…

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0.3 is for Roc)

Yunan and Rana will always be with costumes.


Oh yes, I forgot about roc. Sorry about outburst

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I wasn’t doing any pulls in this event anyway, as I’m saving for the autumn event (yay vampires! 🧛‍♂:drop_of_blood:), but I’m very glad I.m not pulling, those costumes are an insult. Going from the timeless hieratic elegance of Petra straight to Miami Beach… :woman_facepalming: this game has steadily been going from bad to worse…

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Yep. I believe this is the correct interpretation at the summoning odds. Poor Roc. So forgotten.

I advice you to try to pull for Devana, she is outstanding)

Very average heroes. I used my eht to get 3* and 4* i didn’t have and that’s it.

Costumes or not, they don’t seem interesting at all.

Tidyup,. Don’t know, what is this here about false facts being found everywhere here…Yunanand Rana come always with the costume. And I, for one, love the costumes. For those that don’t like them: don’t use them! You still benefit from the costume bonus.

Yea wait till next year when his then released costume changes him into goddamn Killer Seagull.



Won’t waste a single EHT on Sand Empire event…

The seasonal heroes are just… not attractive to me…

Maybe let’s why nobody really cares if E&P is going to release costumed version of Yunan and Rana… Unlike the backlash against the intended costumed version of Lepus and KH.

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The costume bonus are not the same as on the costumes for S1 heros :blush:

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Hawks and eagles are not nothing compared to seagulls. Seagulls are vicious creatures

Congrats @Gwi! :partying_face::tada:

Will you max him?

I will try to get Devana in July.

Sand heroes have been added to HA :

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They actually look decent. The 33% mana gen from c yunan is quite a huge deal

Thanks, but I’ll still keep my tokens for the vampires. The only pulls I’ll do in July will be made with coins (Atlantis, Valhalla, Underground), maybe challenge coins, with whatever coins I have.
I’m not using a portal that gives only heroes I don’t care for (I might like Roc but 0.3% is ridiculous) just in case I might get the HotM along with the garbage.

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Hello @Samantha7. If you had bothered to read just a couple of posts down, you’d see that @Tidyup apologised for their outburst.

We are all human, and make mistakes. I would try to keep calm, and take more care before posting. :slightly_smiling_face:


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