🌴 [Master] Sand Empire Portal Stats & Summon Results (Summer Event)

I have kinda lost my track in the appearance rates… Can anybody lend me a hand?

when did the % doubled like that? I never did many Event summons because of the low odds, neither seasonal. I tend to use my gems on Costumes Portal since… It’s better.

Cool. Decent.

sorry if I sound like a LOT dumb but english is not my natural language so I get confused sometimes.

If i remember well the odds have increased since last Easter seasonal event.
If im wrong please someone clarify this

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When they started revising the Seasonal Events; starting with Springvale.

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Dear @Guvnor,
Thank you for your reply and sorry about the probably repeated question. I had some limitations to understand due my language like mentioned.


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Got far enough to get one more EHT, and summoned and got Oberon.

Went back to what I was doing at the time, and then grabbed my phone a minute later to start up doing more in the game, and saw Noor as a bonus summon. Very happy with that.

I’m sorry, you’re not allowed to be happy with Noor. Some people don’t like her, therefore nobody must. I realise this must be disappointing to you, as it is to me, but there we are. The Great Ones have spoken.

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Oberon & Jahangir… YaY

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Sorry, I don’t kow tow to the great ones.

My one and only Call of Chtulhu character in its one and only adventure managed to become aligned to two of the Great Old Ones. He also ended up having a net gain of sanity, even though it managed to actually meet one of them during the adventure, due a critical failure result. My GM was half bewildered, and half incredibly amused.

I am happy with Noor, whether or not she is a top tier hero.

Why? Because I had a 98.7% to not pull her on each pull, and I pulled her anyway. So :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: to RNG. I may not win the war! But I won this battle at least!



3rd year in a row the sand people avoid me like I am Obi Wan Kenobi. They are consistent if nothing else.


The E&P People of the Sands are as elusive as they are mysterious. Most E&P players will go their entire lives without ever encountering one. Many adventurers have journeyed deep into their territory seeking to learn more about their culture; few have ever returned to tell the story.

Today, world renowned archaeologist F.T. Barnsworth embarks on a journey deep into the desert in an attempt to unearth the secrets of this ancient society.

Accompanied by a local guide, translator, and a small camera crew, F.T. intends to cross the vast expanses of the E&P desert, searching for clues that might point him to their origins.

We spoke to one local resident in the nearby town of Umbar, who strongly advised against going forth with F.T.'s expedition:


“Stupid fool doesn’t know what he’s doing, going out into the desert. There is no food, no water. Only death will find him there. Fat idiot should go back to his air conditioned library and stick to staring at dead butterflies in display cases.”

Barnsworth, however, has decided to ignore those warnings, insisting on going forward with his expedition.

“This has been my life’s work,” Barnsworth explains. “I believe I have finally discovered the location of the original Sand Empire. And I intend to find it, or die trying.”


There’s always one, isn’t there! Good for you. (I should probably play that. A net gain in sanity would come in quite useful.)

While searching the desert in his trademark style:



What does he want in this portal?


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Curious and finally to decide summon in Sand Empire, it is one a year,… so why not. :grinning:
Last year already have Gafar and Jabbar.
Have 35 EHT, and plan to pull until get Hissan.
Target: Hissan

Pull Hero Desc
1 Jahangir
2 Gafar 2nd…fast sniper I think I would level later
3 Karil
4 Sartana 2nd, will keep it, the 1st not yet leveled :man_facepalming:
5 Arman 2nd, I don’t think to keep 2nd Arman
6 Greymane
7 Valen
8 Jabbar 2nd,… Will keep for a while.
9 Friar Tuck
10 Gan Ju
11 Kailani
12 Hissan Finally!

Well, okay pull for me,… get targeted Hero Hissan. :+1: :muscle:
Save the rest EHT for Halloween and xMas.

Plus I get Hissan avatar from Sand Quest :grinning:


Got Hisan on my main was hoping for Gafar or even Jabbar on my main. But alas, I’ll settle for Hisan. Would have liked Roc for barbarian trials as he cleanses the whole team. And he would be useful for Survival trials as you have to deal with Scarlett.


I was also aiming for Hisan mainly while also hoping for Gafar. After 24 EHT summons, I ended up only with Jabbar. My summoning luck recently…ugh :sleepy: :tired_face:


Will do a little review of the content & odds but this is now a master thread for Sand Empire summons :slight_smile:


The original Rana and Yunan has almost no difference in skills with their respective costume versions. The costumes may only improve the stats and mana generation of the original hero.

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