🌴 [Master] Sand Empire Portal Stats & Summon Results (Summer Event)

Hey! Cool! You got the same hero I did!


I got that one. So not all bad.

Luck be different for everyone though. Someone in my alliance has hit Rana and Roc of the EHT’s…

Sometimes it rains poop…sometimes gold


I guess I shouldn’t complain. Costumed Poop is supposed to be pretty good in 3* raid tournaments. I’ve heard he does some major DOT. :grin:


Sorry guys, I stole your luck :frowning:


:rofl:Would be even more hilarious, if there were 5 stars and the special read “Legendary Poop” instead of “Epic”. :joy:


I used 12 EHTs and did a 10-pull. Managed to get two Gafars, one Hisan, one Arman, one Yunan, one Domitia (new to my roster!), and one Noor.

For my first time pulling at the summer seasonal summon, I think I had a pretty good run! This makes up for disappointing pulls during Springvale and the recent Challenge Events. I think I will save the rest of my EHTs (25 left) for Halloween, although I am considering whether I want to try for Jabbar (and maybe extra copies of Hisan).


I’ve just bought PoV, tokens got me two biggest stars of the game: Renfeld and Dawa.

Used 15 ETH I had accumulated, including from this event. First draws were all bad, including 3* from S1 and Kelile, but then I pulled Jabbar the Hut (or Jabbar the Castle? Whatever…), then second one, and with last token, I got this guy:

So pretty much the best outcome for me because I wanted both and Rana+Yunan are of no real use to me, Yunan especially since I have Heimdall.


Waited for July to use my 10 EHTs as I already have Raffa. Was hoping for Hisan and any 5* and got all the others: Arman, Gafar and Jabbar. Not too shabby since Noor came on through too. Then my wife used her 5 tokens and got Hisan and also pulled Noor!
Had me wondering did they put the decimal in the wrong place? Seems more like 13% chance but we’re not complaining.

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Pulled a 3* green troop with a silver token so I hit the portal with some EHTs.

Sonya, Jabbar, Hisan, Boldtusk, Gafar, then stopped after Renfeld.

Happy for the Gafar, did not have one on that account. Still a couple tokens left and one more coming from Advanced stage.

Now at 36.5% (19/52) 4* and 7.6% (4/52) 5* since I started most recent detailed tracking. Last costume event was Caedmon, Sartana, Kashhrek.


Used 12 tokens won’t be spending on this got 3 worth keeping hissian gaffer and a rigard.
Lack on purple so nice for projects n hissian be cool to max as wil be lacking sheilds once zeline gets to 3/70 :sunglasses::+1:

Used 5 EHT on my alt … got crap and RANA :slight_smile:

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got Rana from 3 EHT. pretty hyped, best hero you can get in my opinion.

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did the censure method. got a 1* troop, then a 3* troop. burned through my 9 EHTs. got x1 Arman, Noor, and Sartana and the rest were s1 heroes. Would have liked a Hisan tho. done pulling for sands.


Censure method? I’m not familiar with that, but let me gander a guess…

I’m guessing it’s based on the theory that RNG is streaky, so ideally you want to first purge your summons of all bad luck until you start to get good luck… and that’s when you start doing your major summons…

Sound about right? Because I’ve had similar experiences when it comes to raids and titan boards.


Pretty much it.

Someone posted it in the discord server btw so can find it there.


Yep! I thought no harm trying since I had no expectations. When you dont have any expectations, you dont get disappointed. But i have never done the gem pulls using the censure method. Only coin pulls, I think since I had about 9 EHTs the results came through.


I decided to burn some EHT’s and see what happens. I was lucky enough to pull Hisan on Token #2 and Roc on Token #3. I’ll take it! I stopped there and still have 24 left for Halloween and/or Christmas. :sunglasses:


He showed up this Morning. He was nerfed , i know, but even though he may be a candidate to get the darts because i dont have a better choice right now .
Is Roc vs Justice… and as i already have my tank we have a winner here


8 EHT: 6 dawas & company…1 Jafar and 1 Rana

Not bad.


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