🌴 [Master] Sand Empire Portal Stats & Summon Results (Summer Event)

Sorry SG for the same claim just one more, but you should really think about improving the droprates of seasonal heroes against S1 heroes.

I made 10 pulls from EHTs - my last as it took me a lot to pull Telly - and was really lucky as I pulled 2x 5* heroes.

But, Thorne and Quintus! Why?
I really don’t care about the 3* and 4* S1 heroes in the summons, a seasonal 3* is worth the same amount of xp, but couldn’t it be possible to remove the S1 5*? I mean, the droprates of 5* are really worse for themselves, but beeing so “lucky” to pull the 4th Thorne or Quintus is just frustrating!


used 26 epic coins got couple of event 3* and rest s1 3* and 4*.

very disappointing was hoping for at least 4* event hero.

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I had Gafar and Arman from last year. What I really wanted at the time but didn’t get was Hisan. And this time, on the third EHT, I got him. Hurrah! Also got a dupe Arman, but Malosi ate him. I doubt anyone would ever need more than one Arman.

The plan is to finish off the other 7 EHTs in July, as I already have Raffaele, and perhaps waste a 10-pull in hopes of getting Roc. Whether or not he/she is useful is neither here nor there; it looks gorgeous and will therefore make a fine addition to the collection. Wouldn’t say no to any of the others, of course.

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Believe me, if there is a contest for power leveling (not heroes, but player XP), you’d be the winner.

Lol how many flasks do u have ?

Ha! You pulled Raffa and his direct rival. Many here seem to think costume bonus normal Kiril can take his place better but I am not so sure about that

Congrats, I’d do what is condemned on here and max Raffa straight away. Wish I had him

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Used 6 saved EHT to pull so far, will use any others I get here while portal is open.

Got Graymane, Tyrum, Jahanagir, Isshtak, Gunnar, and Rigard. 6 feeders - I don’t need 4 Rigards.

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I think it will be no surprise when I say a bit fat 0 :laughing:

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Lol I hv like 52 flasks but not carry to finish this event, i spent flask last monthly event to puss my rank which make my flask below 50. When I see my flask below I’m very sad :see_no_evil:. I finished easy and now 16 in normal. I used only 1 flask. Rest I’m gonna play with regular fill energy haha

I had 26 EHTs saved up. Since I already had Mr. Ice, I was waiting for July to use them. Not the smartest use for them since I already have all the sand heroes besides Rana and Roc and Noor isn’t that great, but she’s a real cutie so I definitely want her.

First coin:

Now I’m unsure if I want to use any of my remaining tokens. Halloween is going to see a great number of new heroes added, so it seems like a much better use for them. I still want Noor though, just to have her, but I need to figure out if I’m actually planning on doing any pulls this month. I believe Avalon is this month’s event, so that’s a no. Costume chamber will presumably have Azlar and Elkanen. That’s also probably a pass for me. I have all the non-legendaries from Valhalla, so not much interest in pulling there either. Sooo… might end up using my tokens in the end, but we’ll see.


Had 44 tokens, used roughly 15 back when Raff was still featured (still didn’t get him… the first HotM this year that I missed, glad it’s the one I didn’t need). That got me Yunan and all of the event 3s and 4s.

Today morning I proceeded with the rest of tokens. Got me nothing of value (well I kinda valued second Hisan, but, you know). No Noor also.

I wouldn’t be disappointed about pulling Rana, but it’s not like I’m heavily after her, so only going to spend whatever ETH I’m getting for the next two weeks. I have mixed feelings about Yunan - great hero, but having Telluria and heavy fighter competition, I’m probably not going to max him any time soon.

did 47 seven pulls. Did my first two ten pulls. Got Noor immediately with a kadilen. Then wasted 17 ehts only for two more noors to come out. Then did one last 10 pulls and then this came out. Thank you RNG gods for blessing me with yunan. The only one I wanted badly on my team
Legendary results out of 47 (think it’s a pretty good pulling session)
Noor X3


My first seasonal 5*, I would be more excited if I didn’t have Telluria. Is he worth leveling if I don’t need a green tank? His stats at 3.70 seem decent enough to possibly be useful in war but he’s slow, so :woman_shrugging:

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He is decent in wars with field aid or against teams heavy with healers. I wouldn’t prioritize him, but when you find yourself with nothing better to work on he’s not the worst use of shields.

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I had 24 EHT saved up. Got Raff, Arman, 2x Jabbar and 1 Gafar. The only other Sand hero I had from previous years was Hisan, so it was a semi successful summons. I would have loved any one of the 5* (not that I really need any of them). I’ll probably get a couple more summons in before the end of the event.

I pulled Arman and 3 Hisan. Since I didn’t have either of these, I’m fine with the pulls, but I’m done with summons in the Sand event. :wink:

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Already used 15 EHT’s and haven’t even gotten a Hisan or any event hero. I’m tilted LOL.

Still got 5EHT’s that I will use at a later time. I just want a couple of Hisan and a Gafar ffs :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I did 25 or so token pulls and got Roc, along with all of the 3 and 4* event heroes, including two copies of Gafar and two of each 3*. Rana is already a staple of my defense and while it would have been nice to get Yunan, I don’t really know when or if I’d get around to him if I had pulled him. I am chronically short on D blades and I’m not sure when I’ll get around to maxing another yellow hero, but Roc will at least be in the conversation.


Just used the rest of my EHTs…now a total of 19 EHT’s and only got Jabber. Rest was all S1 3* heroes. Q_Q

Should have 2 more EHTs after I finish the Sand Empire stages. Hisan and Gafar pls :pray:

Finished with this years edition… and for some weird reason the finishing photo looks identical to last years.

Seeya next year for some more…


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