🌴 [Master] Sand Empire Portal Stats & Summon Results (Summer Event)

Won’t waste a single EHT on Sand Empire event…

The seasonal heroes are just… not attractive to me…

Maybe let’s why nobody really cares if E&P is going to release costumed version of Yunan and Rana… Unlike the backlash against the intended costumed version of Lepus and KH.

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The costume bonus are not the same as on the costumes for S1 heros :blush:

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Hawks and eagles are not nothing compared to seagulls. Seagulls are vicious creatures

Congrats @Gwi! :partying_face::tada:

Will you max him?

I will try to get Devana in July.

Sand heroes have been added to HA :

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They actually look decent. The 33% mana gen from c yunan is quite a huge deal

Thanks, but I’ll still keep my tokens for the vampires. The only pulls I’ll do in July will be made with coins (Atlantis, Valhalla, Underground), maybe challenge coins, with whatever coins I have.
I’m not using a portal that gives only heroes I don’t care for (I might like Roc but 0.3% is ridiculous) just in case I might get the HotM along with the garbage.

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Hello @Samantha7. If you had bothered to read just a couple of posts down, you’d see that @Tidyup apologised for their outburst.

We are all human, and make mistakes. I would try to keep calm, and take more care before posting. :slightly_smiling_face:


Agree that mana buff is legit, but I just feel this mana buff is awkward when paired with his slow mana speed… Diff story in VF war and tournament though.

Ofc, I have 12 tonics waiting for some action. He’s my first 5* hero costume so I’m excited even if I have a bunch of slow green 5*s


His 33% mana gen alone is the reason why I wanted to pull for him. Once he fires, your entire team goes into overdrive. He’s basically an offensive Ariel if you think about it

I understand what you are saying, but I just feel that at slow speed, he is not as impactful.

By the time he fires, rest of the team (especially in color stacking team) has most likely already fired and on the way to the second charge. If he is at avg speed like Ariel with a lvl 17/23 mana troop, then he can fire in 9 tiles, and rest of the team can ride on full benefit of the mana boost in getting the second charge, which is more impactful.

But of course this costume is indeed an upgrade to the non costume version.

I had 31 EHTs saved up and was originally going to save them for Halloween, because I already have all the sand heroes expect Rana. But on a whim I decided to try to go for Rana anyway, because after just finishing up maxing Sif (not sure if I’ll ever use her :joy:), I’m somehow already back up to five darts and will get the last one from Sand Empire and while there are plenty of holy heroes available for me to max (Roc, Norns, Inari, Onatel, Joon, Guardian Owl, Poseidon no. 2, Bai Yeong, Neith, Musashi) I’m not really feeling any of them. I don’t have this month’s HotM either (haven’t gotten one in a long time), so I decided to do the illogical thing and play the slots.

22 tokens later:

Haven’t gotten anything good since Killhare this Easter (no S4 5*s so far), so I’m quite happy with this. The only thing that stings is that I forgot they reduced the costume bonuses for non-S1 costumes, so Rana will still need a lvl 17 mana troop to bring her down to 9 tiles. At least that 1% still actually does something, so it’s not a complete waste.


I’m seeing him mainly on offense and how he can most definitely speed up the pace for your team, especially on events and such.
Even on defense he’s not too shabby. He’s paladin, so he’s most likely going to be tank. And he has really good support skills even as tank. If you don’t check him fast enough, he can wreck through your team himself.

Got my Yunan some time ago since I spent a lot of money. He served me well for a few months until Telluria came out. Now with costume he is again useful, but I would need to pull him a second time. What exactly did I wrong that I do not have him with costume? Is maybe the hero frequency too fast in this game?

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@Rumhirn I can understand where you’re coming from.

I am strongly against non S1 costumes, since I am not comfortable with a “double selling” of the same hero.

I don’t understand the person who finds this practice acceptable. People have already spent enough money on a chance to get a specific hero.

I probably will summon next month for a shot at the HoTM. With saved EHTs only.


Are you guys really paying for summoning this?

Where all the rage about limit breakers and non-S1 costumes went? …

It’s not like I’m trying to command peoples’ pockets/summons but that´s why Zynga does what they do. :man_facepalming:

Look closely at the screenshots. Nobody (YET) is pulling those heroes using gems. They use EHTs. Even @JekylandHyde used his hoarded EHTs.

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Sand heros did lose alot of love and some of vampires after field aid got the boot.
Yuan was a top tank back in the day now with that costume and 33% mana boost that be some one I’d want in the VF wars.


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