🪨 [MASTER] Sanctuary of Gargolyes Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

Hi. Does anyone know when the next Gargoyle event is?

No. Planning for this month is CF2 and as there are no new gargoyle heroes left it’s very likely that’s not planned for the near future.

I will ask stuff in beta about this topic, but no promise for an answer


Thank you. I hope there will be an answer😁


Does anyone know anything regarding the sanctuary of gargoyles and when its supposed to be arriving for the 2023 year?

Doubtful it’ll return again, less we start seeing new heroes in beta

Same goes for Clash of Knights, and any other event that hasn’t been updated in awhile, as it’s a clear pattern now:

No new 5*?


No portal / event.


Oh okay. Thanks for the info.

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But,they will make new event with pets and gargoyles soon. Maybe even with masked gods after few appearances of that portal

Whee! Challenge Festival 3!!

What a waste of effort… create an event and play it for 4 or 5 times only before it is shelved… :sweat_smile:

Okay family. Anyone have any idea when there will be another ‘Sanctuary of Gargoyles’? That’s where I intend to use all my saved gems. Thanks all.

Maybe if they come out with a whole new set of gargoyles… Like they did with the magic heroes.

Costumes are coming for sure.

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It is like the native Americans using every part of the buffalo…

Maybe just trickling one new hero eventually here and there, not a whole bunch. Gargoyles, Pets and masked gods are basically the third generation of monthly event heroes group so they probably will get one more each. The first gen event heroes all got one extra hero (wonderland should be getting one as well) after all

Waste not, want more revenue :rofl::joy:

I think the gargoyles are part the tail end of phase 2… I think it is mighty pets, masked gods, and opera… whenever that comes out.

Gargoyles and mighty pets should have been in the second generational event heroes as well. But they’re money hungry and rushed it, which is why challenge festival 2 only had three families. third group should have started with masked gods, and then opera…then so on


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When will the Gargoyle Sanctuary finally be available?

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Kiedy będzie wreszcie Sanktuarium Gargulców?

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When is CF3? What events will it have?

I don’t know, there is nothing about CF3, or if there’s even a CF3 at this point