🗿 [MASTER] Sanctuary of Gargolyes Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results


That’s it! Spot on

Hi SG @Petri

It has to be ‘player’ friendly :green_heart::turtle:

This whole power-creep forced me to revert back to F2P as I see no point of spending a single penny here any more :green_heart::turtle: thanks guys


I think this might be just enough for top 1k by the time the event is over


Here’s a crazy thought:

If challenge events are just going to keep getting harder, the rewards should get better

Another crazy thought:

There’s challenging fun and there’s challenging can you complete filing your taxes, long form


And while I was expecting to to get absolutely nothing but the emblems for finishing this event, it’s still a kick in the pants to use (very) hard-won event coins to get freakin’ Valen and Isshtak.


Thist event is totally ■■■■. Enemy bonus and pasive imbalance. Hate it.

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I have been incredibly lucky this morning, bought the offer and ready to make 20 pulls, I got these two amazing 5* with coins! I keep gems for another time. Lol


I’ve always had no luck at the challenge event portal, but this time… I got Kalo & Pelolite. Yes!!


Whoa that’s incredible luck, how many coin pulls? Penolite is the one I need the most to fill my roster needs, but pulled two different ones instead :smiling_face_with_tear:

Lucky morning - not the one I wanted most, but can‘t complain:



10 pulls, but Gosek and Peñolite came as third and sixth pull actually. lol


wow. one coin pull and:

:heart_eyes: Green is my weakest color, too. All is forgiven, gargoyles. maybe. :laughing:


Yesterday Arco

Today Goseck


Congrats on Arco. Last CoK event I’ve got Quenell with one summon

The miracle is green

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I did another 30 pulls on top of the 55 from Day 1. Still nothing noteworthy, not even Kara. This month has been such a disappointment summoning-wise. Meh.

Final scores:

I hope I won’t be pushed out top1000 legendary


70 pulls and only 5 4*. No 5*, no Kara. Never got an Event hero. Cutting on spending. $200 for a random 5* is what drives me away

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Final pulls …


Lol, happened to me, though in more pulls. Picked also the yellow 4* gargoyle today. No 5* Gargoyle sadly, only Khagan for soul exchange, but Kalo is good consolation price.

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I got the yellow dude the other day im gonna keep a second as may come in handy …
Yeah cant remember its name either … Haha :joy:
Yeah did around 70 pulls no 5* for me either …

Ill be saving to see what the Solstice summon is about hope it dont come tooo soon …

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Yeah, 70 pulls too and 3 Budatin, 4 Kalo, 1 Bellerive (that’s her name!) :rofl: and Khagan :roll_eyes: for SE. Otherwise I’ll see what offers we’ll get during Sand Empire (Damascus Blade with 1000g would help) and starting to save gems for Solstice too, using only coins for summons.

But I secured top 500 in epic so will have tabard and can ascend Lu Bu.

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Don’t know how this happened, was just filling my chest this evening :rofl: :rofl:

The other 2 unchanged.

And I still think it’s crazy, that this was by far the easiest event since a long time for me to compete in Legendary. No items used and hardly any replays of lvls. Normally I really struggle to reach legendary 1k and sometimes I just don’t want to bother at all or use so many battle items I would need.
I don’t know if people who would normally compete just hate this one so much that they don’t even try, or so many rely on carpet bombing in other events :man_shrugging: