🪨 [MASTER] Sanctuary of Gargolyes Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

Could someone upload a screenshot of a rare stage? I would like to know which stages to improve to be in the top 1000 :slight_smile:

Last epic is unnecessarily hard-core mode. Tried every team i came up with, can’t even get their health to half. Stupid and discouraging, I’m done

I have coins for two pulls, probably won’t summon


Pulls of this morning with offer (Elena (mehhh after Kadilen, Quintus and Marjana on the same event pulls) and Kara (yesss) ) and pulls of this evening with army pack (Gaillard! After El Duque yesterday :heart_eyes:)
So lucky with this event, very glad, it’s never happened to me before! :scream::heart_eyes:


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I finished it on my both accounts. I used gems because I had 2 chests and decide to go for those 2 coins. Later I improved my score using Bertulf, Bane, Nordri, Helo and cGunnar.

I just completed Legendarny on my alt using Hanitra, Vivica, Hulda, Proteus and Sergei. Hanitra is my only over-healer on alt account and Hulda minions are just phenomenal. It was quite a grind, but finally I beat them.

Still think this event is too difficult for many players and last stage should be a little easier.


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I don’t if just only me happen this but after the V 47.1 my pulls so bad i ready have like 500 pull just i got 2 events heroes and the rest just first season 5* , 4* and 3*

Its just bad luck, its sucks but happen to everyone sometimes.

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140 gargoyle summons for 1 event 5* for me. Didn’t do more as it seemed really bad.

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Did “only” 60 gargoyles pulls and got only Kalo

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All my pulls have been junk over past week or two. Not sure if that’s corresponding to the upgrade. But if you look at how their random number generator works, it’s “lumpy”. When I say my pulls were junk, they weren’t necessarily bad. I used a bunch of daily summons and got two of the same 3* back to back… So I believe that wherever their servers are in the pseudo-random number generation algorithm, you were just pulling at a bad time.

What’s really set me on complaining is that for the past month my TC.20 has produced nothing but 3*. Not even one 4*. I love the theme and the visuals of this game, but honestly the porgress rate is shameful. And I’ve made decent building progress – 13 months playing and I’m basically about to get the hero academy. But my hero sheet beyond the S1 rare and epic has more holes in it that swiss cheese. Even some pretty basic epic heros like Wu Kong continue to elude my training camps.

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To add to this, mystic visions only give me like 1 gem and 1 arrow all the time. Can’t remember the last time I got EHT or 4* mats. Maybe few months ago

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I used all my luck in December when I pulled NINE legends. After that only HOTMs except Kara which I really want, duplicated White Rabbit (at least costume was new) and Thorne, last missing S1 hero. Now I did 25 pulls and of course zero 5*.

How’d you get Khang in Epic? He’s a 5*…

You should watch the whole video. I didn’t. I started with completing Epic 10, then switched to show how works my Legendary main event team thus replayed a Legendary stage in the end.

Yep see below:


What a stupid Challenge, completly out of Balance… Again. Just to set up Frustration and gain money.
Or what was the intuition of it? @Petri my silent friend, what is your opinion?
I am so sick of this obvious greed of SG.


I need tabards so I’m going for top500 epic, I got pretty good board on level 5


Finished epic with this team on my first try

I activated stoneskin on purpose while keeping treevil and jackal fully charged. After resetting I fired those two, the. Used holy tiles to kill Goseck. After that it was pretty easy.


I know people will scoff at this, but I used Tettukh, Almur, Buddy, cMelendor, and Tibertus on medium. Everyone except Melly is l19 on emblems.

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