[Master] Royal Goblin Balloon -- Explanation & Loot Tracking

Didn’t screen shot chest choices. If memory serves…it was 3 epic followed by 2 legendary

I agree with @Mis. Think the post is dead on.

My first RGB popped up 5 minutes ago. I will keep track till the fifth crate will appear:

First 4*: 20.09.22
Second 4*: 24.09.22


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This entire feature is a way for SG to test how to price materials

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Something to add to the OP about the Loot tickets. This is from a 4* crate i got.

One more to go. Android euro.

I would guess that they are tracking every selection made within each chest.

And then how many people buy the balloons and what items.

And then a total quantity of items sold.

I agree this is a way for them to determine the value of their digital pixels.

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I think they should make it so that you get all 3 options from each crate… Might make the price increase worth it then

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:

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Got one!

Be back with tracking info.

Crate 1

Crate 2

Crate 3

Crate 4
Crate 5


These are my current Goblin Balloon options, if it helps anyone with tracking anything.

It’s been 3 days now since I’ve had a crate and I’m still waiting for the last one. Hope it’s something useful.:woman_shrugging:

Finally got the last Royal Goblin Balloon Chest. $14.99 is insane though, I think. Can’t remember what the original price was, but I think the older prices were better.

The recycling results.


I got the boring stuff from the royal balloon… so here you go

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This was my first RGB chest too. Although I think I had different emblems to pick from, I think it gave me Paladin, so I chose the Tickets, I already have enough paladin emblems that are unused.

I am at 3/5 chests so far, I guess my next one is going to be Legendary.

and it looks like most likely you will get a 4* AM

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Add me to that list as well.

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Agreed, took much longer to get all five chests.

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Yeah it seems to take a week to fill the thing.

Straight into recycling it went.

Not that I am opposed to spending, not at all. This just wasn’t worth it to me.

For those tracking it. 3 4* then 2 5* crates to end which seems to be very similar to everyone else’s

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Mine was exactly the same - total ripoff



this is it for me. Android prices. What d u thing? Worth the money?

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