[Master] - Rounding in War Points / Score Changes with Multiple Hits on Target

Master Thread for this topic as it pops up every couple weeks

The Problem

When kills are not “clean” it results in some difference of the total points earned for killing that defence.

Some Examples

These have been borrowed from other peoples threads; they are not my own; I am sure you will have dozens of your own examples

Note it doesn’t always actually happen with “double” or “triple” taps:


This phenomenon is completely “normal” and results from the system being unable to allocate “partial” points.

Essentially the way that scores for partial kills are based on the percentage of HP which was removed/ damaged during the fight. Percentages multiplied by whole numbers usually results in some messy part-numbers which can result in rounding errors.

It is worth noting

  1. The more attempts there is on a defence, the more likely it is that there will be some degree of rounding error.

  2. Typically the rounding error is only 1 point for double taps (at most) and 2 points (at most) for triple & quadruple (or more) taps. It is abnormal for more than 2 additional “rounding” points to occur but it could happen.


If you feel that you have been unfairly treated / impacted by this rounding the best & only thing you can do is to #contact-support by creating an ingame support ticket. You can find instructions on how to do that by clicking on that hyperlink.

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Best of Luck for future wars!


Today I have spotted an incompatibility in calculation of points rewarded for beating my alliance mate during war. Basically when I check his defense team it tells that you can get 36+18 points what makes 54 together. He has been beaten by enemies in two attacks, one was rewarded with 3 points, second was rewarded with 52 points, what makes 55.
Can someone explain that to me? I have screen shots if they are necesarry.

Hi, I have a problem with war points, my opponent got 1501 points for defeating me, while I only have 1500 points available.

I have seen another topic like this, but no replies to it :confused:

This happens all the time. Part of it is due to rounding. Say a player does 43.5 “points” worth of damage to your team… game rounds it up to 44 points. While that player still has a remaining 56.5 “points” left on it, and the game rounds that up to 57. So now instead of only being worth 100 points, fully killing that team is now worth 101 points.

ok, that’s what I suspected, but it’s still a bug and should be corrected.

I believe they intended it to work that way (for some reason?).

My alliance usually wars with between 10-12 members, and a full clear on either side is almost always worth more than the perfect 1500 points. Has been that way for as long as I’ve been playing and warring, as far back as I can remember (my first war was probably over 2 years ago, and I believe it worked the same way back then).

You have to look on the bright side and realize that you only had to use 1 flag vs. your opponent’s 2 flags. So you are likely to win as long as your remaining flags are at least as strong as your opponent’s remaining flags.

EDIT: by that I mean, if you use one more flag and for some crazy reason are only able to score 2 points on that flag, you have both used 2 flags and you are in the lead. :wink:

EDIT #2: and in a 1 v. 1 war like yours… you could go in with a single Aife and probably score more than 2 points. Even against a strong team like that. One decent tile match is all you need to take back the lead.

I have won that war, I wasn’t really worried about that, but I would be pretty angry if I lost because of that, which might happen at some point. I’m sure that it has happened to someone already, but especially in bigger teams no one bothers to sum it up by hand. I don’t think it’s really that difficult to check when opponent is defeated if the sum of points add up correctly, but the developers must be very busy adding new money makers instead of fixing old bugs.

You earned 1500 points from one flag. Your opponent earned 1501 points from two flags. Yes they got one more point, but they have one less flag to work with.

Actually … many, including myself, have done just that. Not only to see where the “extra” points come in to play but to try working out just how the points per team are determined. I have fought wars where the total per alliance has been anywhere from 1506 to 1521, and different between opponents. As near as we can figure the rounding up does not account for all of the discrepancies.

I just lost the war due to this very stupid an annoying bug!!!
A student can easely fix it!!
An easy problem, known since more than one year!
It is a shame!!
I’m really really pissed off!

No it is not normal at all.
If the system is unable to allocate partial points, it is a very poorly programmed system.
If I worth 1500 points and someone hits me for X point, the next time I must worth 1500 - X point.
It is not so difficult…
If the system recalculate the point every time, rounding problems are inexorable.

Any ideas as to why the number of war points awarded from any particular kill would be different from the overall defense’s war value?

A member in my alliance has a defense that’s worth 50 points when killed in war. The enemy should get only 50 points every time they win. But for some reason the enemy is awarded 51 points at what seems like random moments during war.


This is a well conversed topic. A forum search will nett bulk information.


Hi @Crazyhindu,

I’ve merged your thread into an existing forum thread which answers the question that your thread posed.


Don’t waste your time trying to have a response from the support.

I tried:
after 5/6 completely useless copy&paste responses, they said that it is not at all a problem and closed the ticket, without any kind of response to my questions

During the current war, my team was worth 60 points.

The first time the enemy team killed me, they spent two flags and scored a total of 60 points.

The second time they killed me, they spent 3 flags and scored a total of 61 points.

It’s when the score needs to be rounded up from a half point, it’s actually very common.

Here is the bug in alliance war. What the hell?

Hi @Satsujin, your thread has been merged to a master thread. See the OP for details & information.

both players reset the board and our 3 teams give them a higher score . Shouldn’t both alliances give the same ammount of points ?

It’s possible to get rounded up numbers.

This can create the small discrepancy you’re seeing.

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