[Master] - Rounding in War Points / Score Changes with Multiple Hits on Target

Master Thread for this topic as it pops up every couple weeks

The Problem

When kills are not “clean” it results in some difference of the total points earned for killing that defence.

Some Examples

These have been borrowed from other peoples threads; they are not my own; I am sure you will have dozens of your own examples

Note it doesn’t always actually happen with “double” or “triple” taps:


This phenomenon is completely “normal” and results from the system being unable to allocate “partial” points.

Essentially the way that scores for partial kills are based on the percentage of HP which was removed/ damaged during the fight. Percentages multiplied by whole numbers usually results in some messy part-numbers which can result in rounding errors.

It is worth noting

  1. The more attempts there is on a defence, the more likely it is that there will be some degree of rounding error.

  2. Typically the rounding error is only 1 point for double taps (at most) and 2 points (at most) for triple & quadruple (or more) taps. It is abnormal for more than 2 additional “rounding” points to occur but it could happen.


If you feel that you have been unfairly treated / impacted by this rounding the best & only thing you can do is to #contact-support by creating an ingame support ticket. You can find instructions on how to do that by clicking on that hyperlink.

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Best of Luck for future wars!


Today I have spotted an incompatibility in calculation of points rewarded for beating my alliance mate during war. Basically when I check his defense team it tells that you can get 36+18 points what makes 54 together. He has been beaten by enemies in two attacks, one was rewarded with 3 points, second was rewarded with 52 points, what makes 55.
Can someone explain that to me? I have screen shots if they are necesarry.

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