[Master] Revamped VIP

No need for two one builder most of the time yet alone two?
90 emblems feel undervalued now that emblem availability is everywhere?
Want 900 gems a month for $5.00? The first offer for of the monthly event gets you 1000!

It is clear that the VIP pass is no longer as value as it once was. There needs to be adds or options to select to receive perks daily. Yes options! Let the player choose which perks they want. It is VIP by the way.

Keep the options of a second builder, 30 gems daily, 3 loot tickets daily, 3 emblems daily, daily double summons, and add some others. Let the player pick five they receive daily. Other options may include:
#1. 5 random pulls coins (Atlantis, Valhalla, taverns, season 4, Ninja Event) or a single costume key, or two challenge coins. This would not even equate to a pull a month as it is random and getting 20 of one type has very low odds.
#2. 100k food bundle or 100k iron bundle daily (this is less than a level 20 farm produces a day so the quantity is like having an extra farm or mine).
#3. Minor Harvester ( like builder only looks for items. Increases item drops by 25%. This would stack with harvesters.)
#4.Comment for other ideas. Just anything that will make VIP valuable to players of all levels again.

I’ve recently stopped getting the VIP. I have no buildings to build/upgrade. The emblems and gems are nice but it just needs buffed for a lack of a better word. I like the suggestion of some options. I need zero builders and would prefer some other perk in place of the 2nd builder. Alas, Quality of Life issues that will be ignored in lieu of Quantity of Cash issues.


VIP should automatically receive the free dayly summon itself
automatic battle should be in the expedited mode
if the WORLD ENERGY is filling up, it should be put into the inventory - e.g. small bottles of energy of 10


Another idea would be different versions of VIP…the standard can have 2nd builder, but other versions could offer more emblems, summons or gems instead of the builder. Let devs get creative…each version could have different color dragons.


Yep, thats my thoughts exactly.
Since all of my buildings are already maxed, my second builder have no use.
Would be great to have second, optional VIP which would provide something different than second builder indeed.


Agreed. Originally, I thought VIP was one of the smartest and fairest purchase options in this game. Did it give you an advantage over others who didn’t have it? Yes, in terms of time. A player with VIP could progress through the game roughly twice as fast as someone who didn’t have it. But not such a rapid pace that it was overpowered. I still had the same crap summoning odds. Albeit yes, 3 extra summons a month, but I was paying for those, and anyone who has played this game enough knows that you need at least 10-30 summons to have a decent chance of pulling a 5* hero. 3 summons equates to 3 Dawas. Peanuts, really.

I went ahead and renewed my annual VIP membership after the first year anyway, because I didn’t want to see my baby dragon cry. Almost immediately regretted that purchase though, once I reached a point in building to where it took just as long to accumulate the iron necessary to upgrade my next building as it took to actually build it…

That was the last purchase I made in this game. Would recommend purchasing VIP early on for the second builder, but once second builder is no longer needed, it’s really kind of a waste. Still a good deal for the overall gems you acquire, but that involves logging in every day and collecting them just so that you can summon an extra free Dawa every couple of weeks or so. Hard to get excited about that after pulling your 100th Dawa, let me tell you.

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Yes it is good if VIP pas has options, I am purchased VIP Pass few days back but it was no use because now 1. All Mines, Iron storage, Food storage, Houses and advanced buildings are build to their maximum level. 2. HA, Hunters Lodge, Alchemy ware upgraded to maximum level. at present only two TC( at lvl12) and 3 Farms ( at lvl14) are present. I think after expire of present VIP pass I may not need Second builder.

With reference to Gems and Emblems 900 gems and 90 emblems costs approximately (9 x Rs. 45) + (6 x Rs. 45) = Rs 675 , whare as VIP pass cost is Rs 449. only 50% extra for me
Values are in Indian Rupees
Regarding the loot tickets Now I am having around 1500 and collected from various events of game play and VIP pass

For me except for gems and emblems there is no additional use of VIP pass I think for me POV is better than VIP Pass

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I have been thinking of letting go of the VIP pass lately because it surely lacks the usefulness it once had, I no longer need the second builder, the iron is always piling up on me like crazy and the 3 emblems are to laugh at, the one and only thing that keeps me hooked on the vip pass is the gems, but like some of you said, 900 when you can have 1000 in any event will make me maybe reconsider my position.

I could very easily use a feature that allowed me to exchange iron for food.

With that one thing I’d be very happy.

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This is my last month of VIP. I’m thinking to stop spending as I spent quite a few $ and I got only 2 non-s1 heroes in 2.5 years. None which I will ever max.

So yes, unless they rethink VIP, I will no longer buy it.

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I’d like to see extra slots on HA and AL, even if it just allows for research.

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In this regard I feel fortunate, since I’m only a C2P user having the VIP pass and the path of valor, yet I have 15 heroes of the month coming from bonus pulls, hero academy or Atlantis and a number of special heroes from other events (3 valhallas, 2 avalons, a pirate, a sand empire 5*…)

So I’m very happy with my pulls, but still I don’t think the VIP is giving me anything useful anymore.

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I’m not renewing my VIP this month

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VIP is designed to fasten development of the base. When you finished all your bulidings and you don’t need VIP any more just don’t buy it. There are lots of other offers addressing other needs.
Not all players are 4+ years in the game and they will need VIP as it is now.


There’s still some reasons for ViP after finishing the base such as a very good deal on gems etc. That’s why I’m raising this topic to discuss if it can be improved or should remain as is.

I would buy the 2.99 vip… For the gems and second builder… But all of my buildings are done so I’m not tempted in the least. There are more stronghold levels on the horizon and advanced buildings, might opt back on when it is released.

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VIP is $6.98 in my home currency, Singapore dollars.

Each 30 day VIP gets the player:

• 90 emblems @$0.03 each = $0.90
• 90 loot tix @$0.08 each = $7.20
• 900 gems (price would be $12.93 from the shop)

Just gems alone = 46% discount
Take the others as freebies, if it’s gems you want.

If it’s emblems, not worth it.

If it’s loot tix, not worth it cos discount is only 3%.

It depends on what you need or want.


Yes as I mentioned it’s a great deal on gems but as many others like myself don’t need the 2nd builder it would be great if something else can be used/gained instead.

Even temporarily whilst waiting for new buildings to be introduced.

Other games have different type of vip passes. This game doesn’t.

You can suggest this alternative VIP pass.

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Everyone needs gems my 20 chars

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Thanks all who voted, @Dudeious.Maximus merged the thread which was fair enough, unfortunately that meant all approx 50 votes disappeared.

The result was 50% voted for a vip buff and it was a 25% split between give different options for a vip pass and leave vip as is.

If you have time the op at the top has a vote button if you’d like to use that. :point_up_2:

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