🪨 [MASTER] Return to Sanctuary Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

So that’s more like 200k difference, compared to other challenge events?

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I’m basing my scores compared to the original Gargoyle event where I never reached 1 million. Of course with newer heroes, LB2 and now Legendary troops allowed, it would be higher.

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This is the straw that broke the camel’s back, take your stupid greedy game and put it where the sun doesn’t shine…… done with you.


The worst kind of event , someone needs to fix it , it impossible to get past 8 stage, also this counter meter , who thought it was a good idea , i am leaving this event


I’m surprised the gargoyles aren’t immune to the counterattack.

But… I’m thinking I’ll go with ray matilda februus arco and omen… Maybe mix in c hulda…

I want to play the event before it gets nerfed… I forget which event was nerfed… But i like the idea of the challenge… Practical application might be different.

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I have finally entered “can’t be arsed” mode territory.

I will get my PoV points … and then I think I might read a book.


Hating this event, but loving all the help from the community

Now stuck on epic 8, but getting some good ideas here !


I think it’s because the difficulty went too far…

People want a reasonable challenge, not something unwinnable, or overly frustrating

Not saying this is it, but… I’ll let you know if attempt 10 at epic 8 finally gets me through (and I’m changing my lineup slightly every time so…)


I went on with Waddles, Goldie, Bogart, C-Wu Kong and Buster. Play until Boss without specials unless it’s Goldie (to permanently increase attack) or wait until you have 0% then enter boss stage, fire Goldie, then Buster, then rest, then items (Axes and Bomb attacks). Should be enough. Waddles is not needed, the rest kinda is, especially Goldie and Buster.

Finished the whole event, even more annoying than Slayers. But it could be worse. Each enemy could have special skill and mana bar …


That’s exactly where I can‘t get through. Horrible Event so far.


Thanks for the tip. Will try it on try #12

At first i thought wtf this event is hard …but now i think it is ok even if it is hard …not everybody will complete it thats just the way it is but it made me use my head and think of a strategy with the heroes i have to complete rare, epic, and legendary…i think people are just to lazy to try to figure it out so they give up easily ( of course not everyone is so ) just saying in general…after all there is alittle bit if strategy here… i admit with so many hero’s in the game now i get lost in the 20000 hero’s trying to put a team together…

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Thank you again for your tips! Finally finished epic 8 with this team - you were right. Goldie, Buster, Axes and Bombs. And shout out to my Zhou Yu for piling it on with his minions, and c2 Kiril and Azmia helping keep my team alive


Agree, with so many possible combos it can be tough finding one that really works!


I normally play events as long as auto play wins + last stages that i personally play.

But Reading all the sheetstorm on facebook and here in the forum, i think i’ll Just ignore the event :joy:

Yep, Goldie is problem solver. That permanent attack increase is great.

Indeed all Goblins that permanently increase stats are great here. Specials have limited use, so might as well make most of them. I used Pepperflame in Legendary to great effect. Will try Darkfeather later it this event won’t be reduced in difficulty. I imagine Grimsteel will be great here. Damage amplifiers are also great here, though it’s bit risky with that counter. I put Hammerclang to 3/70 and used him in Legendary tier anyway, since green and thus Franz is a no-no in some stages.

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Goldie and Buster are a great combo for sure

Happy to report that the same team got me to finish epic!


Managed to complete Rare and Legendary. It was very hard. I cannot finish epic, though. I always die at stage 8

I struggled with Epic 8, i died about 6 or 7 times.

I usedPurple and Yellow combination

c2 Rigard, toon Cyprian, Waddles, c2 Li Xiu, gullinbursti


I finished all the stages. Not going to redo any level and next time this event comes, I might use loot tickets, just to get the event finishing rewards (coins / flasks / emblems).

A huge thank you to all the players who contributed with ideas on how to complete the event. Great community!

P.S. Summons: Tyrum, Dawa, Trainer Hero, Hu Tao, Friar Tuck