[MASTER] Remove/ Get Rid of Season 1 (S1 / Vanilla) heroes from {X} summons portal

I understand you wish to make money on the game – makes sense.
So a some scenarios for you to think about:
The plus side
I was amazing blessed when I used the gems I saved up at the Christmas event, and pulled a majority of Christmas heroes – so impressed that I bought enough tickets to run another round of 10 and did OK.
The minus side
I spent a lot of time levelling up heroes to the point that I could compete in the tower event – and finally after 1/2 year I had enough to get my first free pull == season 1 rare hero.
Current Starfall event – today’s free pull = Carver == another season 1 rare hero.

I made the MISTAKE later on of buying one of the smaller 3 character pulls on sale – for a special event – all season 1 heroes.
Question, why spend money on events when there is no guarantee that you will get an event hero – current 3 wars == 15% chance total chance of getting a 3 wars hero.
Would it really break the game if the summons portals only offered the current event heroes?
I will continue to play, but pay? I doubt it. 15% on current event and 2% for legendary? I’d probably do better playing the lotteries – that is real money.

My thoughts after playing for about 3/4 year.

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That sounds about right – and you’d still need to spend a lot of time and effort to make that hero worth using.

So I received 150 tokens for the beta test on 3 alliance war – and thanks for that.
Thanks also for the work that went into programming and organizing the event – it will be a while before I can put together 12 effective troops, but that’s OK

My pull = Ulmer – and that made my decision on the 300 token deal for 3.99 very easy.

Bringing this thread back to life… 30 pulls all 3 and 4 s1 heroes, lil john, and richard then a bat. Not even a hotm.
This is ridiculous, actually don’t even mind that you added trainer Heroes that’s fine too but this bull crap needs to stop with all the heroes from events and everything else why are these here? And why does it always seem that that’s the only thing you can pull? i need a snickers. …


Great, thanks for enlivening it again.
Was going to mention my troops pulls during the ninja event. I should have known better . . .
16 epic troop tokens = 0 featured troops and 0 epic – 16 rare
So I tried 2 x 10 draws with gems = 20 pulls → 0 featured, 1 epic, 19 rare.
I know odds were 1 in 20 of getting a featured troop.
And then there was the ad for getting more epic troop tokens – nope – didn’t happen.

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Who here as ever been excited to pull on an event just to get completely let down with a season 1 5*? Getting a 5* should NOT be disappointing! But thats exactly what this game does. It makes you disappointed that you got a useless season 1 5* (that you can get for FREE from TC20) instead of an event hero that would absolutely make your day. It’s a giant slap in the face. Even if it isnt the event 5* you wanted, it would still be exciting to finally get something new to try out and play with.

My proposal to SG is to swap the pull rates for season 1 5s and event 5s. EVERY OTHER GAME I KNOW gives you increased rates on event heroes over regular heroes. Just make season 1 5*s 1% chance and event heroes 1.5% chance. It’s not a huge change, but it will certainly make your players a hell of a lot happier and willing to spend more if they have higher odds of getting that adrenaline rush they get from getting a new event hero.


I personally would love higher chances to get event heroes, and think the current odds are too low…

A little bit better distribution of these event heroes would be welcome, especially with increasing power creep.

This seems to be a thorne in the side of many.

Fully agree. It makes no sense whatsoever to have a higher chance to get heroes that have nothing to do with the event than to get heroes who are advertised as “featured.”

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From SGG’s perspective :
S1 heroes odds = 1.5% / 20 = 0.075%
Event heroes odds = 1% / 5 = 0.2%

Event Heroes do carry higher odds at 0.2% each compared to 0.1% for each S1 hero; more than doubled actually.

This applies only to Gargoyle, as different portals have different number of 5*.

To get SGG to swop the rates around, that means :

S1 heroes = 1% / 20 = 0.05%
Event heroes = 1.5% / 5 = 0.3% (6x that of S1)

It would be nice, but unlikely.

Honestly we have 2 keep the event heros Rare… i dont want there odds increased.

Just remove s1 from all event summons full stop

Sick of getting dawa and brienne

You do realize that they are ridiculously rare to begin with right? An extra 0.5% increase isnt going to change the meta XD. It’s just better for everyone to be able to get more event heroes than the same old season 1 5*s. I mean dont you want to see variety in raids instead of the same old frigg, elizabeth, morel setups?

I hate to say it but your odds are wrong. The game does a check to see if you hit that 1.5% chance, then it randomly gives you a season 1 5*. Same thing for event heroes. It checks to see if you got that 1% hit, then if you did, it randomly gives you an event 5*. Your odds are based on getting any one specific 5*.

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This is what I read from older forum threads. On hero summon odds.

Your theory works good too.

Those odds are only for getting any one specific 5*. Like if you really want Magni, the individual odds of getting magni would be 0.075%. Getting any season 1 5* still has a total odds of 1.5%.

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Top of the group in the loosing side for 3 Kingdoms = 50 tokens ==> 1 pull. So happy to get S1 rare. Greymane. Its going to take a long time to get one of those characters at that rate.

Yes. Oh, how I wish that, at least event portals with three star event heroes, wouldn’t have Season 1 heroes. I rather get a three star event hero than Little John.