[MASTER] Remove/ Get Rid of Season 1 (S1 / Vanilla) heroes from {X} summons portal

In my opinion, this is the best change to the game that still hasn’t been implemented as it benefits everybody, new and old players. New players don’t benefit from outdated heroes and old players get new heroes instead of dupes of all the S1 heroes they already have. S1 heroes are garbage and people pull from new portals because they are excited to get new heroes…nothing bums them out more than getting Joon from an S4 portal. We’ve all been there unfortunately.


I wouldn’t go as far as saying s1 heroes are garbage. I still use MANY of them, regularly. However, even with costumes and emblems, they still lack in comparison to the highly sought after s3, s4, and ninja heroes.

Ya know. Just the ones that a 4yr. player that won’t spend a grand a month can’t pull because, on the rare occasion that he does pull a 5*, it’s a s1 hero.

It’s definitely a matter that needs addressed. The Q&A mentioned above seems to suggest there may be some kind of attention being paid to this matter, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Money hungry swine will never change this unless sheeple stop spending.

Another $100 (so far) on s4 and no new heroes.

BUT!!! At least I didn’t draw a s1 5*. Haha

My playing time is down. My spending is all but completely isolated to s4, now. And I’m still finding motivation to continue tough to come by.


I do not agree with the fact that the heroes of S1 are morally outdated and are good for nothing. Not so long ago, I held a very large tournament in my alliance, the main condition for participation in which was the use of ONLY S1 heroes. I gave the participants of the tournament the most difficult and the best defenses as goals. The strength of the targets for attacks was above 4700 with the strongest heroes of the new seasons and HOTM, and my fighters were not allowed to use any other hero except S1 heroes. And the guys coped very coolly, showing a huge percentage of wins. And following the results of the tournament, I want to tell you unequivocally that the heroes of S1 are still relevant and competitive. The main thing is that the player, as the Russians say, has hands growing from the right place, and not from…))))))

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Decided to spend $30 more. Landed Richard. So sick of this.

You are correct. They are not useless. I use MANY of them every day. The problem is, those of us who have been playing the game since its inception and have supported the growth and development of the game by spending A LOT of money, have been thanked by having to increase our monthly spending in order to land new heroes.

There are plenty…PAH-LENTY…of ways to land S1 heroes, if you’re still chasing them.

This is the third month that I have spend more than a hundred (each month) since landing a new S4 hero, but I’ve pulled FOUR S1 heroes during that span.

Therefore, the odds are playing out, as stated. Which is the problem.

I just spent $400 in the last three months for heroes I already have.

Where is my incentive to continue?

I used to spend a lot more. If the devs don’t address this problem, I will eventually stop spending and stop playing.

I know. I know. Big deal. It just sucks. I really did enjoy this game, a lot. I guess I just gotta get comfortable with the idea of filing this under the “good while it lasted” category.

But lesson learned. I’ll never support SG or Zynga, again.

You’re playing a game with odds same or worse as a casino in every aspect of it. I’m sorry for you, but you should go f2p or even quit, because what you want will never happen.

I’ve played about 2,5y and I quit spending 1,5y ago when I realized it is absolutely not worth it.
My reasoning behind this is I asked myself how much am I willing to spend for best hero in the game and how much would it affect my gaming experience. Lets pick Alfrike or Morel for example. I realized I’m not willing to pay even 20 dollars for one of them. If I was guaranteed (100% summon odds) I might buy one of them for 10 dollars. Summon odds in portals unfortunately are not that good, not even 1% to get hero you want. I do have a roster thats good enough for me due to summons in past. 5* heroes I have some hotms, 3xS2, 1xS3 and elem defs down heroes for all elements. All S1 heroes from tc20 & ha10.

After all my decision to stop spending was quite easy and I’ve been glad I decided to do so. It is too expensive, odds are not worth it and S1 base heroes are not tempting.


I have started another account (about 3-4 months ago) that is extremely c2p. It’s really not that fun. I see the almost absolute necessity to spend in order to progress. Yes, I’m less patient than others, but after flying through the first several s1 provinces, I have stalled about 3/4 of the way through and probably won’t progress until I can land some better heroes…then wait for the mats to ascend them.

The devs clearly aren’t going to do what I suggested, but they do acknowledge it as a problem and have stated that there may be ways to address it through other means. I guess I’m trying to hold on to see what that looks like.

Either way, the message I…and others like me…am receiving is “thanks for four years of support. Now spend more, or get out”.

F2p isn’t really an option if you enjoy being competitive.

Oh…also…I’ve come away empty handed from the casinos, for sure. But not 3-4 times in a row.

You’re smarter than me. Haha. I’m one of those hopeful morons that ride out the storms, in hopes of finding Shangri-la over the next horizon.

It’s just disgusting. I’ve dropped in every category. I used to crack the top 100 fairly regularly in trophy count. I used to land top 5% in 5* tournaments, cracking top 1% more than just occasionally.

Now, the only way to do that is to further open my wallet. I guess you’d need to see my spending history and compare it to my progress to see why it’s disgusting. But I can put it this way…

I used to compete quite well on a fixed budget. That budget slowly became insufficient, starting around the time that S3 was released. Once I realized it, it became pointless to keep spending that budgeted amount. I’ve since cut that budget to about 50%, focusing almost exclusively on the s4 portal.

And my success rate for landing new heroes is far below 50% of what it was when I was spending more.

It’s almost like they don’t want me to spend.

But I realize that, as long as some players are spending, regardless of the shrinking odds of landing NEW heroes, there’s no incentive for them to address this matter.

Case in point…”Thanks for four years of helping to create this huge cash cow, but you’re not important to us, anymore.”

I’ve significantly cut back on spending, i don’t buy deals or use gems at atlantis, costumes, challenge (unless it’s new), legends, S3, seasonal, or anything that has been around a while because w/ the rate of power creep, or jump, it just keeps accelerating. it’s not worth spending money on the older heros and events w/ the way the new heros stats, mechanics, passive, family, etc, are just ramping up.

i agree, this is like they are shooting themselves in the foot, many in my alliance are kind of in same boat, if they spend (many are F2P) it’s usually just for new stuff. i track my pulls, and seeing the precipitous drop off since the acceleration of new OP hero’s is really apparent. Sure they’ll get money from whales to open the mat chests, or those that just chase hero’s, but this new direction from SG has made it much easier transitioning to C2P

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Do you mean tournaments or events or maybe both?
I personally do quite well in events getting 1-2 4 star ascs and 6 ehts per event.
Tournaments are more difficult. Problem with them is 75 gems rebuys which I can’t afford and not having Alfrike or other slow beasts in 5* tournaments.

I use raids and tournaments as the measuring stick. Paying close attention to those will give you clear insight to how you’re stacking up against the global game community.

I don’t brag, but up until recently, I was able to purchase a really good roster. I used to pull regularly enough that I almost never missed a HOTM.

The thing I liked most about this game was that there was really no way to stay at the top, which pushed my competitive nature. I would find myself frustrated when I’d hit a plateau, but I learned that I could crest that plateau by continuing to build my roster. It just required a little luck…which, in my case, I had to purchase.

Now…it requires A LOT of luck. By keeping s1 heroes in the more recent portals, WITH BETTER ODDS THAN THE SOUGHT AFTER HEROES THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE, combined with the fact that there’s just a select few heroes that are ridiculously strong, especially when combined with one another, it has become undeniably obvious that the greed from the devs has allowed the game to “advance” beyond my ability to purchase a strong roster.

It used to be that a moderate spender had access to most of the available heroes, but could still stand with those who bought them all. Now, a moderate spender has less chance to land any new heroes AND can no longer hang with those who can afford to purchase the handful of heroes that enables them to stay at the top.

Like I said. The game used to be good for all. F2P, C2P, and P2P. Now, it’s only good for PE2P (Pay Excessively to Play).

Sorry. I got off on a tangent.

I still do well in events. I don’t think they really give any insight to where you stack up against the global community. Too many lucky elements involved to get a good feel for how well you COULD do, if you only had the luck.

Ninja Tower and Mythic Titans aren’t even considered by me. I don’t even bother trying to finish Ninja Tower, using just the stars allotted. Not only is it also a luck factor with the “random” cursed stones, but the investment vs. reward balance is grotesquely off. Terrible development.

Admittedly, I’m still learning the best strategies for Mythic Titans, but I’ve removed my accounts from alliances, as I await resolution to this (my one, primary complaint), because I can’t stand watching my contributions towards a team effort drop due to no fault of my own.

I was once growing, steadily. Then, there was no real lull. The drop off was slow, but steady, until I realized the only way to return to growing was to spend even more per month than I had, before.

Now, the drop off is happening more rapidly because I’m not spending nearly what I used to.

Again, it wasn’t always like this.

I agree, many other games already do this, and its not just the so-called small fry. These game actually give reward for actually doing all that we already do in E&P. I.e. farming, completing tasks, finishing events, and, believe it or not actually give the player his or her desired hero for consecutive pulls. Some require large amounts of pulls but if you work at it, and play the game you can actually manage to collect not just the hero, but the materials you need to level up the hero too.

This “is a business” model does not answer the question of how to keep you player base occupied, and having fun doing so. If the “fun” is gone, what’s left?

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Just finished my worst 5* tournament, ever. Haha. Top 25% and may even drop to 50%. That has never happened to me, since the inception of tournaments.

I think it’s official. I just can not compete, any longer.

Not much sand left in the top of the hourglass.

What a shame.

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