[MASTER] Remove/ Get Rid of Season 1 (S1 / Vanilla) heroes from {X} summons portal

Best way to do so is all vote in the same thread instead of scattered across many different ones.

Hiya everyone.

Apologies if you got a notification that your thread or comment got moved.

Created a master thread for the frequent request to remove/ reduce the Vanilla (Season 1) heroes from the various summons portals.

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Anyone request to remove s1 heroes from the s1 portal?

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Not to date no… :wink:

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Well it’s suggested now

Is there a ridiculous suggestion thread yet?

Don’t think so, but this comes pretty close:

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Hahaha lol

Well played

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They will never listen until people stop spending

All summons should include a chance at S2 Atlantis cards now that S3 is out.

S3 summons should NOT be able to spit out worthless trash like S1 3* cards. The bloody tokens are scarce enough that it ■■■■■■ me off to spend 100 on a friggin Dawa.

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SH20 could use some love. That or hero academy.


I got a Dawa too, just had to laugh

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I think what would be cool is a gauranteed hotm on your first season 3 ten summon each month. I don’t expect it to ever happen but it sucks to not even get the hotm after actually investing.

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I’ve been running 4TC20s on and off for a while trying to get the last elusive S1 5* (now down to just 3)

I don’t not spend, but I’m C2P. It sucks running out of unique 5* to work on. Satisfaction in the game drops and it starts to feel like a chore logging on.

SG could probably “retire” the first 10-15 HOTM and put them in the pull for TC20 tomorrow and solve a big development problem.


wait, so you’re angry because of your freely farmed valhalla coins? Really? this is more ridiculous than people complaining because they spent a few hundred dollars.

Not angry, just miss my backlog and planning out a few months.

There’s enough dated content now that they could easily revamp the core of this game with stuff out there. Otherwise you wind up with players stockpiling mats and feeders and you get sucked into an accelerated loop of power creep and constant new heroes.

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There are a number of mobile rpgs that are actually netting more revenue than e&p with less punitive summon systems. Not many, but certainly a few.

The current design is not the only way for this game to generate revenue and it also isn’t necessarily the best way either. It is completely valid for people to criticize it.

I have no idea if the product team at SG cares about these posts, but generally listening to what your most active and long term players suggest isn’t a bad thing. I don’t think any paying user is lying when they say that if the summoning results were slightly better, they would be happy and continue playing and spending.


funny you should say this to me, when I’ve made a post saying almost the exact same thing in reply to someone else in the POV thread. POV is an example of a feature that should be changed; it is simultaneously the feature that takes the most effort in the entire game and yet gives the worst rewards, by far.

But this? A free player raging because he didn’t get a special 5 star hero? This is just too entitled.

I think the pov should be adjusted too. The daily quests should be rewarding a lot more points and players who pay for the premium track should have a reasonable probability of completing the track.

The whole point of a games as a service game, mobile or otherwise, is that players want to complete and progress. There is only upside in empowering players to do so because it feels good. And if they complete POV 1, they’re a lot more likely to spend on POV2.

Contrary to popular opinion, e&p is not a casino and not a pure gambling experience. It is a service game, and playing it long term is expected to lead to a more rewarding experience as more features come out. (e.g. someone who has played for 3 years will have a deeper roster for tournaments)

A casino experience, like a slots machine, has no progression or completion. Playing it your first time or your several thousandth time has no impact. And you win real $$ if you’re at a real casino.

If I understand you correctly - you are ok with trading a rare resource like valhala tokens for a S1 3* card. Wow.

Please learn to read. I object to getting an S1 3* card. I never said anything about 5* cards. I’d actually be ok getting an S3 3* card, and in fact I’ve gotten a bunch on other pulls.

Getting a Dawa is just a slap in the face.

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