[MASTER] Remove/ Get Rid of Season 1 (S1 / Vanilla) heroes from {X} summons portal

[Master Thread] – Remove Basic / Vanilla / Season 1 heroes from Special Portals

Master thread for requests regarding the removal of Season 1 heroes from {x} Summons Portal

Portals include:

  • Underwild Summons (Season 4)
  • Valhalla Summons (Season 3)
  • Atlantis Summons (season 2)
  • Event Summons
  • Seasonal Summons
  • Ninja Summons
  • Magic Summons
  • Etc…

Similar request is to replace the S1 heroes with S2 ones etc…

:speaking_head: Add your thoughts & comments here

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I just did an event summons for. For the current event. Last summons I got I received 3 sets of triplets. On this event I got another Valen. A 3* hero. What is up with this. He is available on the daily summons. Why did I get him on a event summons? The event with animal hero’s. You guys really need to fix this issue. No reason a hero available in the daily summons is available for event summons. Please fix this and take Valen back and give me a free summons for the event summons.


Normal three star heroes are always available in the event summons and they also have a higher percentage of being summoned. If you truly want one of the event heroes you need to break out the wallet.


You can get lucky with the event summons. I’d be a bit unhappy if someone took Marjana away from me because I got her from today’s event summon instead of the regular one for example. Though I admit I really would have loved the Panther.

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Yeah im unhappy that event summons odds of are low for 5*. Much less to get panther. Most games with $500 to 600 you can buy quality content but not this one. Just lots of repetitive 3* and 4* cards that aren’t even event heroes for the event summon.


Yeah, this is super annoying. I’m in the same boat. Managed to scramble enough gems for three summons and I got 3 3*'s I already had. Two of the same one! -______-


That is my complaint as well. I saved gems up for 2 summons this go around and it gave me two 3 star heroes, ones I already have. Was a waste.


Yes I agree with all the above and the problem of attaining good heroes! What’s more is I am finding the same heroes spawn time and time again! Especially when you need a 5* hero of a different class. So far I must have had 5/6 thornes spawn. Nothing wrong with the hero but why the same one time and time again??? Along with this is my all time complaint that when summoning legendary heroes you get more three star than anything else. Due to the cost and waiting time this should be a minimum of four star heroes!!! It would at least give you a chance to get some extra heroes, but then there is always the problem of leveling up when you can’t never get the right Ascension materials!!! I’m sure there are plenty of other experiencing the same issues!!!


Okay I understand the fact that you need people to spend money to keep developing the game. But you have your elemental summons, common summons, troop summons, etc. So why then are the everyday hero’s in the event summons?
You honestly can without harming your company take out everyday hero’s, 3* everyday 4* and TC generated hero’s out of the event summon events.
It’s harder everyday to get anything above a normal 3* as it is. Your losing players more and more. The newer players are becoming frustrated and unhappy. That doesn’t concern you? If it was my company it certainly would concern me.
Then let’s talk about TC. You max out your building, you take all your supplies, hit the button for TC 20 and you get…a three star hero that isn’t worth a sneeze. Come on, seriously???
You want people to spend money, here’s an idea give them something to want to spend money on, like add TC levels 21 and 22, TC 21 can be HOTM, TC 22 can by Event hero’s. How about a building to hold “Retired” Hero’s or the hero’s you only use for events.
You have a great game here with so many opportunities to make it even better, but for some reason, which on many stand points I don’t understand, you ignore or even disregard that are coming from your players.
I’ve read other posts that have stated the same thing I might only have been playing almost a year, but I have played games for over 40; years now. And one thing I do know is though you can’t please everyone, you can optimize the game so that people will want to play.
As it is because 5*, assention materials, etc are so hard to come by, Your Atlantis map is extremely hard to beat. Was that your intention? I would hope not. You really can change the percentages for summon draws without breaking your bank. Improve your buildings to keep up with what your players need. You could even add a special section to where you have color specific assention materials you can farm for. Purple could be a set of 10 areas, for high level purple hero materials, etc.
I know that I will probably be disregarded like so many others, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know for sure.
Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
Forgotten Cove Alliance.


the most important thing to consider is this is a long term game. you’re viewing it as a short term 50-60 hour game. if they took out all regular heroes out of the event summon, then within a single 10 pull, you’ll have all the event heroes. what they want, is for you to get one, or two or maybe 3 of the event heroes the first time, and do it again when it comes around again. without rarity, the heroes would have no value. if everybody could get guin, then literally every single team would have guin tank. that would be boring as heck.

similarly, if tc20s only popped out 4* and 5*, you’d have all the season 1 5s in no time, which again would result in the loss of their value and most likely even more people would quit. 5s are rare for a reason, they take a LONG time to get. just enjoy it during that time. There are tons of great 4*s to experiment with and enjoy using. do that first

similarly, if they passed out ascension mats freely, you’d have 30 5* heroes within a few months and youd be even more bored than you are now.

that isn’t really their goal.

i understand its frustrating, but you should take your time to build out your team and enjoy that process, of slowly getting stronger one hero at a time.

if you’re having trouble with the storymode, slow down story completion and just focus on leveling and raising heroes. if building a strong team and participating in the game events are not fun for you, then this probably isn’t the best game for you and you should stick to a standard console game that can be completed within a few days.

this game is meant to last 12+ months. and if you do all the events, do all the quests, and participate in everything, they pretty much guarantee you more than a full rainbow set of 5* hero ascension materials, and quite a few 4* hero mats via the rare quests and random chest/titan/war loot, etc.

bottomline, play with the different heroes and experiment. im currently 6 months in and im still enjoying building a strong team. i dont think id have nearly as much fun with this game if i could get to where i am in just a month.

personally, i think this game is very well paced for a 12 month plus game. people complain of loot not dropping, but honestly, its comes and it goes. ive gone weeks with nothing, and yet in the past few days, ive got something every single day. i know this wont last forever, but im enjoying it while it lasts.

at 6 months in, im about to ascend my 2nd 5* to tier 4, and waiting on a yellow and red hero (for which i already have full mats for), so yes, im also frustrating by the lack of a yellow/red hero, but i know it’ll come. ive only gotten 1 5* out of TC20 out of 55 pulls, but hey, its just a bad streak. eventually, they’ll come. no need to rush it. an alliance mate just completed his first full 80 team about 2 weeks shy of his 1 year anniversary. these are real accomplishments, it means these folks have stuck it out and now they have their full teams.


I’m past my 1 year anniversary, actually, and I still don’t have even 1 5* hero leveled out, I play constantly, I’m not asking for anything that most gamers are not willing to work for.
I’m asking for better odds, ways to let me work for my ascension matierials, a way to let me actually achieve some of the goals in the game.
Most other games do that, this one doesn’t. So it’s no wonder after putting in hard work that players are leaving, and when you don’t have strong teams to beat events, even with crafts, you end up not wanting to play as much.
With constant new hero’s that are so much stronger, why not cut down the odds to allow others to get them. Long term is always the goal in a good game.
Like I said, keeping players interested and wanting to keep playing should be first and foremost, giving them a way to move thier characters forward is always sec. This one says oh sorry your not getting any help but hey keep trying. Sorry you weren’t lucky enough to get an assention material, hey maybe next time, if not oh well. Really?
Why not increase the percentages, odds, your right they are only released for a certain amount of time, meanwhile they are releasing stronger faster hero’s that you only have less than a 1%chance of getting. The TC 20 is doing less than 3% of giving a 5* hero, let alone a strong one.
Your players aren’t asking for that much, people I know that play everyday, have done thier TC 20, Over 150 times and they got 2 5* hero’s out of 150 tries. So yeah they need to be changed, event summons need to be improved. Removing everyday 3 + 4 * hero’s is a start. Adding an elemental map for assention materials, is another good sec move. After all are you going to develop a game that no one wants to play anymore? No. And that’s a fact.


sorry to hear that you’re past your 1 yr anniversary and still without any 5s. that is some pretty bad luck. one of my alliance mates was like that actually, went for nearly an entire year with no 5s, but during that time, he had built out a very impressive set of over 20 fully leveled 4s, and as such, he was consistently one of our highest scoring war participants, regularly scoring in the mid-high 200s. The past month of March has been good to him and he not only got Frida from an EHT pull, but he also drew quintus from TC20, so he is now on his way to maxing out his 2nd 5 in as many as 30 days. Just don’t give up, keep doing all the quests and events. At a year in, you should have enough maxed out 4* heroes to complete every event in the game. Just keep amassing ascension items so when the time comes and your 5*s finally arrive, you’ll be ready to boost them to max right away.

I do think that if you run 3x TC20s, you’ll likely get about 1 5* per month or so, so that’s certainly worth doing. In fact, that’s what I’m doing now. I think that the newer 5s all have fairly unique abilities (but not always better). To be honest, some of my most desired 5s are actually season 1 snipers. So I think there’s tremendous value there.

With regards to guaranteed ascension items, rare quests are on an average 9 day rotation, which guarantees a 3* and 4* ascension item. Paired with titan loot, you should be able to collect a fair amount of ascension items. There are certainly ways to improve chances of getting better loot, but you do have to work at it, taking on higher level titans and improving your titan attack strategy. I’m regularly an A-scorer (about 130-150k dmg on avg) on 9* titans (with 3300-3600 titan attack teams). Building the appropriate titan team can make a huge difference and getting A-class is important to maximize your loot rolls.

Maybe I’m missing the point altogether, but even as a F2P, I’m still able to progress in the game, albeit slower than someone who is willing to throw $$$ at the various summons. Of course, I also deeply desire the unique heroes, especially guardians for their elemental def down, but I can still enjoy the game without them.

It’s a very very difficult balancing act to keep 5s rare enough to be valuable, yet at the same time, give everybody enough heroes to level so they stay interested. I personally think that the game gives F2P folks enough opportunities to build a 5 team. Yes, their team will never be truly competitive with the big spenders, but at the same time, there are enough solid heroes to be competitive. Not to mention, you get quite a few chances at nabbing seasonal/event/atlantis heroes through free atlantis coins, gems, EHTs, etc.

I humbly disagree with TC20 drop rates. I’m also frustrated by having only had 1 5* out of nearly 60 pulls, but 5s are supposed to be rare! I.e. TC20 should grant you access to 5s, but it shouldnt be so powerful to give you every single season 1 5* within a few months time. Again, focus on the long term nature of this game. As such, 1/month is about right. Even 1 every 2 months wouldn’t be outrageous. The more dedicated you are to keeping TC20 going, the higher the chance you’ll get rewarded with 5* heroes.

Perhaps it’s worth taking a look at your own play style and compare it to someone who has achieved that goal. After all, I know a lot of folks who play a LOT. They complete every event, every quest, make sure to use every single titan atk and every war flag to maximize damage and contribution (thereby improving titan loot and helping to win more wars), they stay on schedule for all available quests and knock out 3-4 monster/raid chests daily to push rare chest spawns, etc. I’m certainly not the most dedicated player out there, but I do think there’s a huge range of F2P in terms of commitment.

If you truly participate in everything this game has to offer, then I think you will be rewarded. Bad luck and good luck tends to cycle. You’ll get a payout. Eventually, your EHT will hit a 5* and/or an HOTM. You certainly won’t get every single HOTM, but you will eventually get one. It’s the nature of the RNG in the game. And likewise, it is a rather fair system. Just read all those posts about people who blow MAJOR $$$ on 30, 60, 90 summons and getting a single season 1 5* and no hotms. For the same reasoning that you’re asking for an increased drop rate on S1 heroes, they are asking for an increased (or even guaranteed) drop rate for having spent that much money.

RNG is designed to maximize developer profit, but at the same time, it also keeps the game from being purely pay to win. Wouldn’t it suck if a few dollars could buy all the best heroes in the game? Everybody would have the same team. This is already the case for the top 100, with the same heroes making an appearance over and over again. At the end of the day, this is a for-profit system. The whole point of these unique heroes and the super low chance of pulling them is to encourage folks to SPEND MORE MONEY. I get that much. As such, I’m grateful that I even have the opportunity to get free rolls. Food for thought, each atlantis level offers up to 8 coins and with 270 levels total PLUS a 300 coin reward for completion of the storyline, you can earn a whopping 2,460 atlantis coins. That’s nearly 25 free pulls. Statisticallly speaking, you’ll get some pretty good 4s and maybe even a 5. Forget about all the free gems you can collect from missions. It really adds up. The game does give sufficient opportunities to “get lucky”. Question is if you’ll stick around long enough to actually “get lucky”.


Yes please I would even suggest to remove 3altogether I mean has anyone else gotten the same 3 hero in the same day from a 300 gems and a regular silver token !!!

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Yeah, you missed the points totally. But like I said originally, I knew that I would be disregarded like so many other players. You keep thinking I’m asking for something that I am not willing to work for. Or that I’m making up real statistics. Or that I am not playing constantly and trying to rush things, again I am not. I’m just asking for a fair chance as every player deserves. And this game could be so much more than what it is now.
I thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

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I wouldn’t be opposed to increasing the odds of getting 5 star heroes myself.

Atlantis has some really bad odds for non-featured heroes. And I’m one of the lucky ones too, who walked away with Mitsuko, so even with that I fully support increasing the odds of 5 star summons.

Та,же самая проблема получаю 3*,героев.Продвигать героев5*, не могу предметов на перерождения не получаю,чем больше пишу,тем становится хуже.

Completely removing regular heroes would of course be nonsense.

However, I would like to see one or two alternative ways to get event heroes. So far, it is almost* only possible to get them via summoning.

  • It takes about 3.9k gems on average to get any of the five event heroes (assuming you’re only doing x10 summons which is the “cheapest” way)
  • It requires about 4.6k gems on average to get one out of the two 4*event heroes
  • If you want one specific 4* event hero (if you already have the other one or if you consider the other less useful) it requires about 9.2k gems on average
  • As for 5* event heroes, they come every 100th time on average, meaning it takes 10 x10 summons on average to get any of the three → 26k gems already
  • To get one specific 5* (like in Teltoc, most people specifically want Panther and don’t care much for Gorilla and Owl), you need to spend 78k gems on average (if you’re unlucky, maybe 200k or more…)

This shows that F2P and even C2P players are able to maybe summon a few 4* event heroes but have a slim chance to get a 5* - and if it’s a 5* event hero, it might be that it’s not the one they desired.

The only other way (that’s why I wrote “almost”) to get event heroes is by winning the event in any of the three categories, which means three extra event heroes are distributed among a 1M+ player pool (or if we only consider those, who field competitive teams, still a pool of many thousands).

Therefore I think, there should also be ways to have a significant chance on getting at least some of the event heroes for those players who have been proving skill and activity for a longer time.

A few ideas:

  • Increase the prize ranges in the monthly events, so that not only the winner gets a hero but maybe the top 0.01 or 0.05 % or so.
  • Introduce event hero tokens that (if a certain quantity is used) are able to summon a guaranteed event hero. Completing the event gives a small amount of these tokens, the various prize tiers also gives some of those tokens, starting from very few for the lowest tier, up to enough to summon a 4* for the top 10 of the Legendary difficulty. This means that those who cannot make it to the top, but still have good rankings, can collect tokes over a few months and then get a nice hero as reward :slight_smile: This way it doesn’t make summons irrelevant (who desperatly wants Guin or Panther will still chase her and not collect tokens for quite some months) but rewards activity and skill
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I wish I could agree but seeing that before they did their update I had 2300+ cups now seems like everyone gets the new event heroes when spending $ and the fact I have played on a very active team winning wars and beating 10-12* Titans yet can’t ever get darts or tonic or the :crystal_ball: unless what SPRNDING MONEY ON THEIR SPECIAL “DEALS” to have fun is cool but if you want to compete you need to spend $$$

If this has been suggested previously I apologize, here goes. When players use gems to summon hero’s during event summons(like Atlantis), would devs please consider putting up only event hero’s to be summoned? For example if I’m using gems to summon Atlantis hero’s I will only summon an Atlantis hero and not Bane, Derric or countless other heros received in regular/daily summons. I hope that makes sense.


Derric isn’t in atlantis summons

It would make that portal OP