[Master] Reduce titan loot

I believe the 20 hours cooldown for non-rare titan loot applies to any titan loot you receive outside your alliance.

So, in order to prevent reduced loot for a non rare titan, you have to rejoin your alliance before titan spawn and it has to be 20 hours since you last received any titan loot outside your alliance.

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Not any titan loot. Exactly full titan loot.

Edited above. Sorry.

I unfortunately received reduced titan loot today.

As per screenshot says below, reduced titan loot is supposed to occur “if it has been less than 20 hours since you received a Titan reward in a different Alliance.”

Never mind the fact that I had joined before the titan spawned, and it was 20 hours+ since I had received reduced titan loot in another alliance. :roll_eyes:

@Saros Please take care when you reply to any of my posts. I still would prefer not to receive any notification/reply etc from you.

We had a 6* rare titan which our alliance has defeated and used more than 30 harpoons.
As a result we got reduced loot with no titan parts as if the titan escaped.

Hey did you figure out the reason? I got reduced loot today in similar case. Now it makes me rethinking about hunting :frowning:

It seemed to be either a bug or hidden merc rule.

In that case, I didn’t bother contacting Support, since it was not rare titan loot. Would you contact Support? If so, I suggest to contact them now.

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No, it’s not a rare either. Thanks Sam I’ll let it go then, contact support most of the time causes me more stress than not doing so, because of those copy-paste reply :smile:

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I understand the problem with reduced loot, but if I was part of the ally when the Titan appeared, then I left for 30 mins and came back = Is this the same case as I came to new ally before the titan spawned?

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