[Master] Recuitment or mercing during Clash of Knights

So first I want to say that I have enjoyed this new event! I was dreading this event for a number of reasons, but mainly because I was expecting there would be no alliance scoreboard, so that leadership can track alliance membership activity. ( Please SG bring this to Mythic Titan) But in this event you can see how your alliance members have scored! Wonderful!

My only concern is the length of time. Four days! As a leader, I have people I need to move out, people I need to move in. Now it looks like my members are locked in another war. It’s definitely a burden. I had a member that was going to take a break because of RL, he wasn’t able to break because the event had started. Now looks like he’s locked in another war. Group events should be 2 days max.

Honestly, 4 days is overkill. I did it in a day. The only reason to leave it longer is to allow people to replay. But locking everyone in for 4 days is too long.

Hope they consider shortening the length, otherwise, I’ve enjoyed it!


Well, it was tested with two day duration in beta, but concerns were raised that international alliances might struggle to reach legendary tier within time and thus creating a lot of stress to alliance members.
Hence, i think the prolonged duration is just fine and people don’t need to move in and out of an alliance all the time. :smiley:


We didn’t open legendary until the second day. Not sure if everyone will have time to finish today because of time zones.


Agree with above shortening to 2 days could have an impact on more casual alliances where players will get on to do levels but not daily. Over the 4 days gives enough time to unlock all.


If a player needs a break just opt out to next war. I don´t see the problem. After the event you can kick them.


I wonder, whether this is linked with the event at all? Is there any restriction during the event?
I mean, why shouldn’t it be allowed to kick players during event. As long as new players can not participate in the event i see no problem (obviously they will not receive event loot, but that’s the same if you are kicked before the titan is down or the war ends).



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I can see how a shorter event would be better for your circumstances, but honestly I am sure the majority can only benefit from having more time to get everyone together to work on it.

As a side note, I’m confused as to how your member is locked into a war on a Thursday (hasn’t one just finished? Thought war schedules were universal, am I wrong?), and why they didn’t opt out as soon as they knew they would be taking a break. Presumably they forgot, I’d be a hypocrite for condemning someone for forgetting, but this is hardly a reason to change the challenge event.


I like the long duration. It gives me easy levels to fill monster chest. If I don’t want to use the time I don’t have to.

Similarly seasonal events used to be two weeks. I finished Morlovia in one this time around but the four week window is still very welcome just in case.

The bigger issue is not knowing what this was going to be so we couldn’t plan ahead.

If you don’t wanna was, opt out.


All this moving around in alliances Isn’t what the game is built for.

You’re meant to find an alliance you like and just stay there. If you’re doing it differently don’t expect the game to be optimized for you and give special treatment


Disagree, my alliance has only 14 members and we’re only just finishing epic, if it was shorter we wouldn’t be able to go for legendary.
So for smaller alliance then I think 4 days is about right


FWIW my international casual alliance with a wide range of player experience hasn’t opened legendary yet. If event was two days we likely wouldn’t have a chance to. It’s not all about the top tier allainces and players (although sometimes it seems like it is).


I like the long duration, we have POV, valueable quests and sometimes elemental chests that need World Energy (I currently at 59 WE at full on level 83).
And I do not want waste World Energy Flasks for completing events in 1 day.
1 day is too short, specially for casual player.


I can tell you why, because many will move players in and out the alliance to increase the alliance total score if the score of the members living is not removed. More programing + testing + time = money and SG is all about that

Great to know someone is enjoying it.

Longer event means more summons and more WE purchases = money. You won’t believe how many gems top players use to get WE in these type of events.

I think that the lenght is ok. I cannot compete without open wallet so I wont bother using we bottles and will instead sit relax and smoothly use we I get to complete all the stages. Currently I’ve gone through half of epic.

Completely agree, many in this forum have no problem thinking about only themselves and forget that we have other players/ alliances on lower levels that do not have as many WE flags to finish this events as fast or the resources to start throwing money buying WE refills


Totally disagree with OP point.

Moving in / out of alliances is a personal thing
game doesn’t have to cater to every personal whims & fancies of players. Especially in a group play.

While I finished on Day-1, expecting every player to do it the same way is absurd, selfish & my response is to such suggestion is : No, 4 days are totally fine.
Day-1 is lost in global time zone (early-mid-late) for some players.

This is a game & not a essential life important task = 4 days play / participation time is fair / practical.


I like the 4 days. Time to improve scores
using it for monster chest & fair bit of farming for XP / crafting items.


Well, afaik this is not possible. Players can’t participate in the event if they enter after it has started. :wink:

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Edited title as could be a stand alone disscuisson with out being in the main thread.

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