[Master] Raid Tourney & Wars - When Will Wars Restart Again? (Developer Update Post #102: RESUMING with Mid-Week War!)

It’s less pal… you ain’t catching on to that fact no matter how many times you post are you?

Evidently not. Stupid me for wanting something when I’ve afforded my own time and money…




Yay now we will have another long thread of the SG apologists vs the SG haters can the rational thinkers…oh joy.

I agree with this sentiment. The wars had (have) their own issues that took time to work out. I’d say keep working on the raids in the background, do more testing first. We know they are coming, and what to expect, so I’m sure most of us can simply look forward to them in the future.

I say let’s get back to business as usual and bring out Springvale!

If anyone is looking for something to do other than vent about the War cancelation, you could check out posts in #gameplay-help-tactics where players are looking for advice.

Here are some current ones to start with:


You forgot to add those of us who just like to pitch in with sardonic, ironic and pointed mockery

Why exclude us?


Does the raid tourney have to start on a Wednesday conflicting with war? Maybe if for example… the prep for raid tourney was on a Monday… devs may be able to iron out glitches before war prep?

And obviously prioritise war until raid tourneys are running a little more smoothly?

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#try to turn an omni shambles into something positive.

Best of luck with that.

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:man_shrugging: Figured it doesn’t hurt.

Have SSG tried turning raid tournaments off and on again… that always works when my work printer gets bugged
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SG we’ve come up with the solution to your problem!!! How about… we continue with AW but, we put it in the “tourney” format!! It would be “the fair” thing to do. Everyone will get loot for horrible performance and losses. It would supply endless opportunities for “the usual” SG attackers to snivel relentlessly…etc.etc.

Yeah, remember when there was no Tournament for a week? :laughing:

I think you have to turn it off and on 3 times for it to work, though.

I always think of this video

Warning: may contain profanity and mockery of non-technical users. Viewer discretion is advised.




I am pretty sure you actually have to take the power cable out for 30 seconds to degause it…

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Has anyone heard from Petri/SG the last 37 minutes for any kind of updates?.. 37 w/e flasks compo is in order!!

Raid tournament has been a total mess. How many wars have we missed for something that is pretty crappy at best. Sad.

No compo needed. Just bring war back, simple. Sarcasm not needed either.
Thanks. Have a nice day.

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image :ok_hand:t2:


When the Wars and the Raid Tournaments were running at the same time, it exposed a bug in our code that caused the client to go out of sync with the server. The bug had been there for months without causing issues, but now it would appear in certain edge cases. While we did test running Wars and Raid Tournaments at the same time, we were unfortunately unable to encounter this in our testing.

The first thing that came into my mind when I read that, was unit tests identifying this bug, and load tests assessing whether it would be a problem or not. Actually, this looks and feels like a bug that should’ve been identified as impactful with load testing.

Those who don’t speak tech jargon; send multiple bogus war and raid tournament requests from the client to the server, to simulate the real game environment.

This isn’t the first time that wars had to be cancelled once new things were rolled out, which leads me to suspect that the testing plans you have are not adequate.

I’m not trying to just slam the devs here though. I’m also a dev by day, and I get it. :poop: happens, and sometimes bugs get into production. No such thing as bug free coding… I empathize with the development team here. In fact, this has happened to me before too:

I remember one time where my team did not load test a new data pipeline model; it worked fine with our small testing environment, but it ended up causing massive amounts of table locks in production and a bunch of sync issues… Yeah. Sound familiar?

While I don’t go around carrying guilt or anything, I still remember that as a lesson for why proper testing is important. I hope SGG development team learns the same thing too! These moments are also valuable lessons; proper testing is expensive, it takes time, and it’s not fun. But it’s gotta be done!

To fellow players here: I think your frustrations are well justified. Vent away I say, but remember to also be constructive with your criticisms.

~ DaveCozy
P.S. I’m enjoying the raid tournament a lot myself, I like having a use for all the 3 star heroes I’ve been hoarding. My suggestion: if this bug between raid tournaments and wars isn’t ironed out by next week, I’d rather have wars on next week and disabled raid tourneys.