🏜️ [MASTER] Portal Stats & Summon Results – Season 5 (Dynasty of Dunes)

I am happy if I get any 5* heros because recently they have been pretty rar. :rofl:

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Seriously no defense are good first second the combo 3-2 can defeat any hero stop spending for better hero the meta change every week 3 elkanen is good

Dunes is the portal I am actually rather lucky at, I always get S1 in all the other portals!

I’ve done 4 pulls so far… got the new 5* release… got lucky. Only good dune hero I’ve gotten from pulls. but she is slow. I’m not huge on slow… :neutral_face::+1:

It’s all depends if skynet favors you… :thinking:

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I’ve done 4 so far and got Aqeela, Waqas, Faiez, and Ptolemy. Aqeela was from the previous one. Actually love Aqeela now that I have her maxed, LB +19. Faiez is right behind her. Can’t speak on Ptolemy cuz I’m not leveling 4*'s yet.

Yeah unfortunately nothing is wrong with the portal and as others have said, that’s just how it is with RNG :sweat_smile: As a heavy spender sometimes, I often have to go through 3-4 S1 legendary heroes before I nab an event hero, sometimes that’s over 200 pulls. So with 50+ pulls and only 2 non-featured heroes, unfortunately that’s not out of the ordinary.


Got this beauty and immediately started levelling. My second paladin after Ludwig


I know off topic, but I pulled a 2nd Bane and 2nd Gunnar from Daily Summon today! RNG has been good to me

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