🏜️ [MASTER] Portal Stats & Summon Results – Season 5 (Dynasty of Dunes)

Did about 60 pulls altogether……did not get the feature heroes, but got these two, a Lianna and 2x Morax :man_facepalming:t2: Both S5 are new to this account so I am happy; will try the two 5 pulls offer tomorrow and that’s it.


One pull with coins brought me Khepri. Didn’t have him already so he is a nice addition to my roster. I just need tabards since two next ones will be for Ludwig.


Very happy to have pulled this handsome devil from my PoV coins.

Hopefully, Khonshu and c.Victor will be enough punch for some very fast-speed shenanigans.



From my experience cVictor+Khonshu is not enough to kill a hero unless you wait a couple of turns. His damage is between 800-1000 with cVictor’s def down. You get another 100 or so if his passive hits.

Do you have a Clarissa or Hannah? Even an Arges might work.


What if he gets M&M attack boost?

Got this one today.


I got him too :blush:


Khonshu’s all around! Congrats everyone on the pulls :tada:

Thanks for the feedback @Liam_K appreciate it!

That was my concern, Khonshu wouldn’t bring enough damage to follow up Victor in the same turn. I do have Clarissa. Are you thinking of the three of them together as a trio?

Did over 100 pulls on my second account, got nothing, not even Morax :rofl:

I guess it’s a pay off from when I pulled all featured in a 10 pull from Covenant :upside_down_face: Really want to hit this portal hard just because I am annoyed, however experience tells me when it goes this way, endless pulls brings nothing….so I’ll just pull away from my phone :laughing:


Jekyllandhyde youtube used sergie do you have him? He done a 6 tile killer team on his channel


I feel the same way you do, and sometimes my dumba** still pulls hard lol. Cheers and good you’re not leaning into more pain.


I saved coins and gems for featured Tetisheri… 46 S5 pulls and all I got was Thorne, not even HOTM. Plus 58 pulls in morlovia event and not a single S1, event or HOTM. Since fated summon makes easier to count summons… I got a Thorne in a total of 312 pulls. I’m donde with this bad taste joke.

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Khonshu following Sergei and cVictor hits at 1200-1300hp

@Harlikwen I’ll post some screenshots in the Khonshu thread and we can continue discussion there if you wish.


This weekend has been the best in terms of pulling heroes from Dunes - Ahmose and two Tetisheri (I’d gladly share the second one with someone else, but alas, it is not possible). My other pulls so far from the Dunes portal have been 2 Sobek, Set and Sekhmet (not great if I compare with the heroes I got from S3 and S4).

Story wise I have to think that SG is placing me on the side of the bad guys, considering that I basically pulled 6 “bad guys” (counted also the dupes) vs 1 “good guy” :smiley:


Who is the good and bad guys? Sorry have not attempted this season yet

They have several references coming from the gods that there is no such thing as “good” and “bad” and this division is coming only from our limited human understanding and need to put things in boxes.

Leaving this aside, there are heroes that are allies to the main party of Vivica, Elena and Richard and heroes against whom they fight. Antagonists would be Set, Ahmose, Tetisheri and Sobek and the only ally out of those I pulled is Sekhmet. Although at some point Sobek seems to support the trio as well.