🏜️ [MASTER] Portal Stats & Summon Results – Season 5 (Dynasty of Dunes)

Did one pull and got this fellow. Glad its a non S1 but would have preferred an different purple :sweat_smile: not sure if he’s worth the mats even though I have enough of them.


I would love Papyros… He is seriously underrated!

Of all the W3K holy heroes, he is the best fit to 3 or 4 others W3k heroes :slight_smile:

Something like :

Krampus C.(or a cleanser) - Papyros - Liu Bei - Sun Quan - Cao Cao :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I also slammed down Papyros initially but on defense he’s pain to deal with. Honestly many S5 look meh at first but with passives and family bonuses stacking they become really powerful.


He’s worth the mats if you need a good purple tank, unless you’re stacked with purple choices and have a super developed roster?

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Did 10 pulls and this has happened:

Khonshu is second one but if I were not loaded with purples I need to ascend and only 4 Tabards (have Nyx, Khepri, Louhi and Hannah in queue) I would definitely ascend him. On the other hand I have 14 rings so Khufu is my next job and will be handy for titans, as my red EDD is still relying on Falcon who gets killed way too easily by 13*+ titans.


I had been saving up my Dunes coins, enough for 27 pulls … and not a single 5* star. A lot of my alliance mates are whales, so it’s a bit … disheartening to see their war defence lineups or see them chatting about stuff like, β€œI just pulled El Naddaha; I’m working on levelling my second Alucard, but do you think I should prioritize her?”

Bleh. Just gotta be satisfied with the mostly obsolete heroes I have.

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21 pulls and got 2 5* heroes I didn’t have. Not bad😎

Edit: These 2 heroes don’t seem to be very popular, but I personally like them.
In particular, I recently finished leveling Matilda and noticed that there aren’t many DoT heroes to team up with her other than the GM and Rayne.
Papyros is the same element as Matilda and also increases sand damage, so I think it’s useful.


I recently finished Nyx. Besides her I have Narcisa and Killhare, then the S1 and some hotms. Wouldnt say Im stacked with purples though. Working on some 4* first as I hardly had any levelled.


Managed to pull Cleopatra on a single with coins received from POV - totally gobsmacked! Only the third time in over 4 years of gameplay that has happened! I already have director zuri maxed for a yellow healer but Cleopatra will be a welcome addition to my roster. She will pair well with my maxed Khufu or Sekhmet from the Sun family and that passive with a chance of boosted health and potential to cleanse is amazing.

Very happy indeed to pull Cleopatra!


Got her and a second Sekhmet. :partying_face: Still no Khufu or Sobek.

Good luck to you all! :four_leaf_clover:


40 pulls yielded me 3 legendary heroes - Joon, Viviva & Sartana :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Season 5 has been good to me, around 16 coin pulls.

EDIT: I did buy some Black Friday offers and filled all the Black Friday chests, 210 pulls. I got bera. Wanted to share that failure. I always share my failures, people tend not to remember when I post those lol. Cheers!


I have pulled here too with my first pull today :smiley:
At least she will be useful for upcoming SE-s.

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Managed to Khonshu on a single, very fast heroes are always welcome, he’ll will be a nice addition to my roster


28 total coin pulls from a combo of saved and previous offers

All food other than Tet :grin:


I am trying for Tet, as they nerfed my Xnol.

TO BE FAIR, I was nearing 100 summons without any 5*. This is my first 10x going for Tet.


If you’re looking to get the most out of your gems, season 5 is the place to pull in my humble opinion. I see a lot of good drops consistently in this portal. Congrats to whoever got a legendary, cheers!


Season 5 pull (not BF pull)


Hah my bad luck streak continues, I had said yesterday that 40 pulls got me Joon, Viviva and Sartana.

Today 150 pulls got me another Sartana, Horghall, Isarnia and dupe Papyros, Khufu and El Nadahha. That’s 9 heroes in a row with lower odds than the actual featured heroes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Though I also got 2 x Morax which puts me at 23 of him on this account now, I’m doing a pure Morax exchange at the next SE lol.

Congrats to you guys who managed to land Ahmose, I think he looks pretty sick!