🏜️ [MASTER] Portal Stats & Summon Results – Season 5 (Dynasty of Dunes)

Of course yesterday I tried and got dupe Khepri. And today I tried and got dupe El Nadahha. Guess it’s not meant to be with this cute hero :sob:


Been lucky lately! Plus, the S1-S5 portals always a treat me well. It’s the event portals that hurt lol.

Got Horus on a coin pull. I have no yellows to work on, the question is weather he’s worth the mats. Anyway, cheers everyone!

@kmwlew I’m sorry, I had to blow through literally 4 Khepris before I got the two ladies. I chased the kitty because she’s purple and a dodge hero which I don’t have. The offer today would let me do diaochan now. Problem is I’m not sure if I should do Horus to balance out the yellows in my roster.

Anyway, I hope things turn around. We both seem to hit low spots, then it gets hot again. Im praying for a heatwave lol!


Meow! Okay - that came totally unexpected. After a horrible July, August starts fantastic. :slight_smile: Without Xnolphod, but catching cFreya lately, now I have some sort of an extravagant problem in my roster.


Congrats! I’m really loving her so far, enjoy her. I would personally level Bastet before Freya C but that’s just my personal opinion. Good luck!


I already had regular Freya at 4-80, so I’ll just finish the costume and will use her until Bastet is ready. I got Khepri yesterday, too. So with cFreya in line, maybe doing Khepri first? What do you think?

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Thanks @Ugk26! Oh nice coin pull with Horus, he’s better after the buff and IMO better than Papyrus. I’ve still got him on 3/70 and I was going to ascend him, but then better yellows like Kullervo (and now Zekena) came along. I think it’s great that at VF speed he has a pretty good chance to activate his passive. Anyway I’m kinda annoyed I blew my monthly budget on Valhalla and that was just to get Frigg. If I at least got C. Freya I wouldn’t want the kitty as much :sweat_smile:

PS - have you already pulled a dozen Tahirs? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

90 Pulls
No S5* and just 3 Tahirs. Rip
I want that Kiddy

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Finall 10 coin pulls

Im really happy about her despite that i dont need her. i already have lots of strong greens.

Another hero in line for tonics. Of course she is landing in first place


This game… Month without any S5 5* and then I get a second Bastet. Serious? A second? Don‘t know how to feel about it.

Good luck to everyone!



Two kittens cost money for food and vaccinations, so I will take one.

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…and I would love to handle you one kitten over. :cat2: But sadly the game doesn‘t allow us to trade among each other…


Some do 900 pulls for Kitten to whom you would give kitten for something else.

So SG would loose 900 pulls of money+ what you would pull for the desired hero you got in trade :slight_smile:


Yeah. That‘s the way the game works.

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Bennu has been joined by Khepri, no kitty to buddy up with my C Panther. Sad face. Also after EIGHT Klaerns still no HotM. Grrrr


There were two, so I have three together and I don’t know whether to be happy or on the contrary. I was counting on Bastet but it failed.


At least you got something. I made maybe 100 pulls and not a fcking 5. I hate when this happens…

I did about 60 pulls for one HOTM altogether!

You should feel happy, it’s better than feel sad :wink:

I am slightly better. 50 pulls for 1 HoTM + Lianna… I mean really? :roll_eyes:

I was so excited when green 5* flashes, but ended up like wtf… Missing Frigg (I am pulling hard every time Frigg gets featured but am never successful) one week ago and now missing El Naddaha is really frustrating.

Well, at least Grace is coming in Sep. I am desperate to get some relatively modern green hit-3. I have none at the moment. Game is super stingy to me on non S1 green 5*.