[Master] Path of Valor Improvements / Ideas for Change - Add your thoughts & ideas here

Both of these are great ideas! I could see time tokens being an item that could be earned through these new quests, in addition to wanted chests, mystic vision, etc.

Rarities for 1* = 1 hour, 2* = 3 hrs, 3* = 8 hrs, 4* = 1 day, 5* = 7 days.

I think it would be nice if SG put some 5* aethers inside of Path of Valor and also put some 4* and 3* indside chests on 50th level.

Nice idea :slight_smile:
The more sources the better. :slight_smile:

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Would be nice if it was in addition to the 4* mats and same price point otherwise no thanks.

I don’t like challenges that I am unable to do because of a mission still locked for me or an item to be crafted that is above my current lvl. Makes it discouraging and makes me unlikely to buy it.

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