[Master] Path of Valor Improvements / Ideas for Change - Add your thoughts & ideas here

the value path becomes useless due to common rewards, it is not worth spending to become a vip to receive rewards that I get for free on the game map.

I would really like if 4* ascension materials, coins, tokens, emblems and avatars would really be common rewards :slight_smile:


Haha bro then y u r spending? Be as like us , going through free path :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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What do you want us to vote on? You aren’t spending money on POV…Cool?

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I believe the poster is asking us to vote to have better rewards.

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I as well as most of my alliance complexly agree. This and the one before both give us avatars as the final reward?!? It’s so ridiculous I could care less about the avatars. I am in need of ascension materials more than anything and more food/steel and hero tokens. I will not be purchasing this valor nor any in the future unless they get better with our rewards. The first one was pretty good! It’s not fair to give useless items we can get normally within the chests. I mean troops would be even better than avatars, why are there no epic troops offered? Just smh!

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If I may ask, what is the difference between the first one and the others reward wise ? if any the devs just moved the 4* to 48 so that people can get them easier than say at 50. may b i am not remembering correctly but all in all the rewards had been the same. no ?

I dont agree. If you dont pay, you still get decent items there, i.e. emblems, 3 star ascension material, 4 star ascension material just by doing the things you usually do daily anyways. Not much, but it is better than nothing and expect that the chests give off the desired ones. If you dont like it, then dont attempt to do it even.

Please add Recruit Bundle in POV.
Recruits are harder to get compared to 9 farms and 4 mines running all the time.


I’d really like it if there were some sort of continuation reward — once you’ve gotten the last POV reward, something that makes a point to continuing to do the daily challenges. It wouldn’t have to be anything major — could be “milestone” based — every 1,000 pts post completion you get some food/iron or a handful (~1-5) of gems, or maybe an ascension item with x% chance of 1-4* rarity, that increases each milestone past completion.

From SG’s standpoint, it would motivate people to spend gems to buy back into tournaments, etc. and from a players standpoint, it would make the currently annoying continued presence of the POV icon and quest badges Post completion have some value.

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Add a hero token that allows a “You Choose” your hero, at any event or seasonal summons.

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It’s time to change out the POV raid challenge. This is the 4th POV with a raid challenge. It’s just become a monotonous grind. The meta of Telluria (tank) with Vela and Gravemaker as flanks is old and down right boring. All you see in the higher levels is that defense makeup.

SG, it’s time to change things up. It’s obvious the Telluira and Vela nerf was not enough. If so, then why do all the high level players have them on defense?

I realize tournaments help with the raid challenge but yawn…not to mention how many of our alliance members that struggle after the gold level.

I think my main concern about POV is how unbalanced the daily challenges are. One day, you can get something like “1.Salute a villager. 2.Kill 10 ducks. 3.Level up a hero.” that you complete in 2 minutes, and on another day you get “1.Complete 3 special Jotunheim stages. 2.Complete 4 S1 stages. 3.Fight titan 3 times.” that requires 2 hours or more of your time.

I don’t complaint about the challenges, but how they’re grouped each day. It would be better if the required time to complete each group of 3 daily challenges is more balanced and not a difference like above example.

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If the purpose of Path of Valor is to encourage active participation, then why not replace the killing of so many titans quest to a larger amount of titan hits? This way it is more achievable for smaller alliances as well as beneficial to the same alliances so that more people will hit the titan?

Nice idea, although I imagine there are a number of people with numerous titan flasks that would finish that challenge very quickly :thinking:.

Although this time there is no specified titan level. Even if you let every third titan escape since PoV started, you’d still achieve the titan component.

I’d be happy if war was not applicable for PoV thats the only reason I’m in a alliance during PoV

I thought about the titan flasks too, but I was thinking it’s the same idea as people using raid flasks to fly through the raid challenge. I guess if people have a bunch of saved flasks then why not, ya know. Thanks Sarah :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the war part is hard for me too because you have no control with how long it takes, it’s going to take like a month plus regardless of how religiously you do it, although as someone who is in an alliance by choice I like how it encourages people to hit in war

Guess the title says it all… This is always the first quest to be compleated (maybe next to the summoning quest, which can be compleated as soon as PoV is active) Active raiders will kill at least 5 times the ammount of heroes required during PoV… Add some more levels to it, increase the revards, the way it is now, it feels like a quest for bigginers…

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Why? It’s already a headache lol