[Master] Path of Valor Improvements / Ideas for Change - Add your thoughts & ideas here

I will this again. I’m not a “new player”.

Please change (future) the Win Raid challenge in PoV so it’s that is not gated on tier level. I’m only speaking specially on this PoV challenge.

This request does not change gameplay. If you’re at Diamond, get your ___, if your platinum, get your ___, if your gold, get your ___. ___ = what ever the number the developers choose.

Is PoV a community challenge or a personal challenge? Is this challenge supposed to challenge the person playing this game or challenge the community? When you challenge a player, should it be at their current level?

When you gate someone for a tier, that not a challenge.

For Win Raids, a challenge could (only an EXAMPLE) be win ___raids in a row (I’ve completed 96) or just complete ___ of raids. This number could be 100, 150, or even 200. Is winning 100, 150 or 200 raids not a challenge? Creating a challenge (Diamond) does NOT challenge someone. That only challenges someone to spend money. Again, I’ll say it again, gating someone on a tier is not a challenge for a CHALLENGE EVENT.

Win Raids should be a personal challenge at their level.

In the closed thread, someone brought up that the last PoV the Win Raids was like the Duck Hunting challenge. It might be when your top level but PoV should be about challenging at your current level. If a challenge is “easy”, maybe it because your top level? Most people are not top level. Yes, I understand that the top level players have spent a lot money. I get that.

I’m not a new player. I have spent a lot of money on this game. I love this game. I’m only trying to improve this game.