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:compass: Master Thread - Path of Valor Ideas / Improvements

Purpose of this thread is to gather all the various suggested improvements to the Path of Valor together into one thread

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Miscellaneous Requests

Will be updated as new ideas are added… some old ideas have existing large threads with a couple votes

  • Raid Defensive Victories as a Valor Challenge

  • Keep Valor Pass & Points until it is completed (I.e. Points & pass roll-over)

  • Remove Path of Valor Icon when Complete/ Inactive

Remove Path of Valor Icon when Complete/ Inactive

TSIA, have the icon go away once completed since there is no reward for continuing.

Or…add a small reward (2k food, 3k iron?) for each daily challenge completed.

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Can’t take it away. After completion you could be undecided on whether to buy the Valor pass or not. And if you do decide to buy it after 3 days, where would you purchase it if so?

Think we’ll have to live with an extra icon for 5-6 days instead of them putting the Valor pass in the shop where it would be more hidden.

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My point was that it’s not completed until you have bought the Valor pass. Completed is both sides done. I guess POV is both a mix of an offer, and an objective. When you purchase an offer, the icon goes away.

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that you can restart the missions when you complete all the face go back to the first one.
considering that he gives few points it would be good and an extra to be able to finish all the way

  1. I’d like to see transparency up front for the next one. For each Valor challenge, have a popup box showing how many tiers, the requirements to complete each tier, and the points available for each tier.
    Likewise on the rewards path, have a popup at each node showing the points required to reach that node.
    This would allow players to gauge how far along the Path they are likely to get, and use that information to make an informed decision about whether to purchase the Valor Pass.
  2. I would also like to see some form of reward at every stage even for the free side of the Path. It doesn’t have to be gems or nonfarmable mats. It could be meteor fragments, tornado nuggets, super mana potions or backpacks, but at least put something there. The empty spaces are disheartening.

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