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:compass: Master Thread - Path of Valor Ideas / Improvements

Purpose of this thread is to gather all the various suggested improvements to the Path of Valor together into one thread

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Miscellaneous Requests

Will be updated as new ideas are added… some old ideas have existing large threads with a couple votes

  • Raid Defensive Victories as a Valor Challenge

  • Keep Valor Pass & Points until it is completed (I.e. Points & pass roll-over)

  • Remove Path of Valor Icon when Complete/ Inactive

Remove Path of Valor Icon when Complete/ Inactive

TSIA, have the icon go away once completed since there is no reward for continuing.

Or…add a small reward (2k food, 3k iron?) for each daily challenge completed.

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Can’t take it away. After completion you could be undecided on whether to buy the Valor pass or not. And if you do decide to buy it after 3 days, where would you purchase it if so?

Think we’ll have to live with an extra icon for 5-6 days instead of them putting the Valor pass in the shop where it would be more hidden.

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My point was that it’s not completed until you have bought the Valor pass. Completed is both sides done. I guess POV is both a mix of an offer, and an objective. When you purchase an offer, the icon goes away.

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that you can restart the missions when you complete all the face go back to the first one.
considering that he gives few points it would be good and an extra to be able to finish all the way

  1. I’d like to see transparency up front for the next one. For each Valor challenge, have a popup box showing how many tiers, the requirements to complete each tier, and the points available for each tier.
    Likewise on the rewards path, have a popup at each node showing the points required to reach that node.
    This would allow players to gauge how far along the Path they are likely to get, and use that information to make an informed decision about whether to purchase the Valor Pass.
  2. I would also like to see some form of reward at every stage even for the free side of the Path. It doesn’t have to be gems or nonfarmable mats. It could be meteor fragments, tornado nuggets, super mana potions or backpacks, but at least put something there. The empty spaces are disheartening.

I will this again. I’m not a “new player”.

Please change (future) the Win Raid challenge in PoV so it’s that is not gated on tier level. I’m only speaking specially on this PoV challenge.

This request does not change gameplay. If you’re at Diamond, get your ___, if your platinum, get your ___, if your gold, get your ___. ___ = what ever the number the developers choose.

Is PoV a community challenge or a personal challenge? Is this challenge supposed to challenge the person playing this game or challenge the community? When you challenge a player, should it be at their current level?

When you gate someone for a tier, that not a challenge.

For Win Raids, a challenge could (only an EXAMPLE) be win ___raids in a row (I’ve completed 96) or just complete ___ of raids. This number could be 100, 150, or even 200. Is winning 100, 150 or 200 raids not a challenge? Creating a challenge (Diamond) does NOT challenge someone. That only challenges someone to spend money. Again, I’ll say it again, gating someone on a tier is not a challenge for a CHALLENGE EVENT.

Win Raids should be a personal challenge at their level.

In the closed thread, someone brought up that the last PoV the Win Raids was like the Duck Hunting challenge. It might be when your top level but PoV should be about challenging at your current level. If a challenge is “easy”, maybe it because your top level? Most people are not top level. Yes, I understand that the top level players have spent a lot money. I get that.

I’m not a new player. I have spent a lot of money on this game. I love this game. I’m only trying to improve this game.

How about a little imagination when coming up with daily challenges.

Win a raid by killing enemy heroes in the order green, purple, yellow, red, blue

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Win a raid using all the same element heros…

Doesn’t really affect me , but seeing a thread in general discussion gave me an idea

There should be 2 individual POV PATHS .

  1. beginner - f2p
    Simple tasks , that a new player can complete
  2. advanced
  • better loot than now to ensure intermediate / advanced players don’t abuse beginner path

You can only enter one of the 2 paths at start of POV and can’t swap

Also like an idea on one of the other thread an alliance POV prize

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Collect All Rewards Button for PoV Rewards

The Title says it all.

As a (almost) f2p player I can say that raid tier not directly related to spending, but also on time. You can arrive in diamond without spending, but you required you spend a lot of time in game (more than a year, probably)

Totally this.

I don’t really like that they keep adjusting the newly created content to the beginners and mid-tier players, while those advanced in the game keep getting more and more bored. Nowadays even the PVP experience got quite stale with the lack of flexibility created by emblems and the game feels empty on the late game content.

I’m desperate for new challenges, but whenever something more difficult enters the game, it’s immediately beaten to death by people calling it too difficult/impossible to finish.

I don’t want to sound like one of those bully boys who want to keep the best pieces of cakes for themselves and leave everyone who is ‘weaker’ screwed, but to all those struggling at early and mid levels - trust me, it’s not fun game when after you finally grind your way up top it turns out there’s nothing in there. Makes the entire game pointless - and once you climb up (which I wish best to everyone) you will realize that.

So I am all for adding more and more difficulty levels to things in the game, not just the monthly events such as Tavern (which turned out too easy for seasoned players anyways) but more of it to daily casual stuff, such as PoV or quests or whatever else. And do it in a way that lower level players do not feel excluded. Titans are good example of such content, where all tier players can feel engaged according to their level and the rewards are more or less adequate.


Ok it might have been suggested already but since i failed to see where im gonna post this suggestion anyways.

When PoV is finished (given That dedicated players will finish a few days before the bare minimum players) there are a few days of open daily PoV quest that holds no reward and does not count towards anything.

Why cant they give low level rewards like food/troops/ore?

It feels like a loose end to have the quests running without a purpose when you crossed the finishing line.

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Yeah, I finished POV this time with 8 days to spare. This is probably wishful thinking, but it would be nice to have a few bonus tiers that reward you with a few gems and/or unfarmable mats.

If SGG wanted to be crafty, they could even make the extra tiers available only with the POV pass.

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Im f2p, just finished the PoV.

  1. As part of improvment maybe players that had purchased the pass to get x2 points on the daily tasks.
  2. Some of daily tasks still need little shaping . It’s not that they are difficult just too much for a daily, example (4 and 3 specific Seaason II stages can be reduced to like 2 or 1 - too much energy wasted on something you don’t consider efficient.)
  3. Use Specific Battle item ( Tornado Super Healing Super Mana etc.) - that can be replaced with use X* battle item recommended 1 for a 4* battle item for 2 for 3* etc, but let ppl choose what they are going to use cos its kinda of forcing the situation, sometimes there is nothing good to use a tornado on.
  4. Crafting items seems fine

Reducing 2 consecutive wins from 3 was nice.
It was good that they upped points 125>150 for daily i liked that.

VIP/POV bonus - extra daily task if you get both options?

Would love it if 1 of the 4* AMs was always either a tome or a Damascus (we get to pick). I want to continue buying POV but all of my 5* heroes and potential new 5* heroes are stuck because I have 8 tomes and 0 Damascus blades. Almost every player I talk to could use either a tome or a blade, so maybe make them a little more available. Swimming in rings, darts, tabards, etc. my decision to purchase next POV might depend on if one of those AMs is included because I just don’t need anything else.

Love some of the rewards, but what’s the point of summoning if you can’t ascend? 2 years and 3 months playing and only 13 Damascus ever accumulated. Help us out!

I wanted to post this idea before POV2 ended, but failed to get it done.

PoV2 looked like this:

5 Bronze 300
10 Silver 450
20 Gold 750
40 Platinum 1300
60 Diamond 2200

People complained that it was too hard to get that many Diamond wins, and also that it was too easy for hard core players. My suggested tweak is threefold:

  1. Double the number of tiers from 5 to 10.
  2. Each Arena ( Bronze through Diamond) would now have 2 tiers for it.
  3. Increase the total number of Raids needed, and the number in each tier to add some difficulty for those who need the challenge.

This would help players who are bouncing between tiers or just reaching a tier for the first time to have a shot at getting some more PoV points, while increasing the total difficulty for those seeking a challenge. It also gives more levels of progress, so tasks feel less daunting, and progress is more gradual.


2 Bronze 100
5 Bronze 150
8 Silver 200
10 Silver 300
15 Gold 350
20 Gold 400
25 Platinum 550
30 Platinum 750
35 Diamond 900
40 Diamond 1300

Unsure if this will be considered, but I did search, and didn’t find any topic specific to PoV Raids