[Master] Path of Valor and Giants Rewards Rework... is it better?

They’re not going to change midstream. I doubt they’re even going to change the next one… they’re on break. If they lose money, they’ll change. If they don’t, they’ll go on as if none of this matters. Because it wont.

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Well very soon we will see the first reports about the end chest.

I am on lvl 26 on free, which means if someone bought the elite pass they should be already done.

If it is the same randomized ■■■■ then its an L.

What was that story about goose that laid golden eggs again? :smiley:



11 days into the “new and improved” PoV and PoG, I can say I miss the most the world energy flasks. It slowed down my farming a lot.

A real improved version would have given more from everything, not replacing something good with something you can easily get from various places (I am talking about the trainer heroes).

Even adding master emblems is not an improvement for PoG, since we had golden emblems.

Shame on you sgg!


For the 1st time in the past two years I won’t buy the passes. Not any of these “improved” ones. For C2P (=me) it’s not worth, trainers are everywhere and what should I level if I don’t pull any new 5*?


What’s wrong? This comss up as my post, it isn’t, it is NO3. I think he just wanted to quote me and something went wrong.
If anything, i strongly disagree with the post: Eron is not relevant because Cennius is new etc.
Sorry, NO3.

Beer, i really don’t care about the last chest, but very much about 4* mats, alpja aether etc. They didn’t say the chests were improved, so they won’t.

All types of SUMMONs materials has been dried out from PoV, PoG, Mystic Vision, Quests, Chests, etc etc…

THIS is a BIG give away that game is desperately trying its LAST DITCH efforts to squeeze out any bit of cash they can… from players… who are gullible to fall for it !

  • Giving out those 1-2 ascension mats here & there (you need 6 for legendary…) is a smoke-screen hook… = incomplete / cheap giveaway…

  • Extra points in PoV & PoG being called improvement while removing 10-12 various summons items has me :rofl: … as if players won’t notice it all…

  • POINTS are FREE = ABSOLUTELY Useless = Have no cost to SG and their RNG is FAMOUS for NOT giving anything ! :wink:

That’s all for now… Chew on that !


I am sitting on over 500+ trainer heros in my roster and really don’t feel the need to “buy” more just to get a 4* mat or AA


Eh? What?

20 characters of confusion:)

Oh, you disagree with that level anything, whatever…

Yeah, okay cool :+1:

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I thought you wrote that post about Eron now being worthless cause Cennius came out. I wrote i disagree. If you didn’t write it and i didn’t, who did? Probably not important, i am just curious.

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Oh yes! That’s definitely my view.

But it’s all good if you see it differently. Genuinely, I embrace the diversity and difference of opinions is what keeps a community healthy.


I strongly disagree. This might be true for defence teams in the top 100. very much doubt that all top 100 players use only the absolutely newest heroes in wars. It wouldn’t make any sense. If you want a hero that does mindless attack, and you take the hero you got and maxed etc even if it’s Eron. . Of course for raids, the newest might (or might not) be chosen. The 30 heroes for wars, no way.

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You already stated this 178 times to 15 different ppl. What you expext me to say.

I am happy for you will do?

I don’t expect anyone to say anything. And you seriously counted the number of my posts? Nah, good guess. I have no idea. Lol.

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Dónde está la mejora sí han quitado los cristales de ascensión y los cristales de éter?


If some1 is telling the same 2-3 sentence over and over again, then they are expecting reaction. Positive or negative, doesn’t matter.

For me and for 90% of the people its a negative change. For you its positive and I am OK with this.


I am curious if next month they will bring back the old rewards, telling us that the PoV /.PoG got even more improved :sweat_smile: