[Master - Not a bug] 100% mana per turn for MN and Alberich

Sometimes Mother North and Alberich in defence team start to gain new buff that increase mana regeneration up to “Recover 100% mana this turn”. This make them cast every turn. Do I miss something in their skill description?

No, they’re probably combined with Ludwig. he speeds up mana from his neighbors


Oh, I see. Thank you. MN was near Ludwig. I was deluded by absence of this buff on any other heroes in this fight but all of them were ressurected by MN one round before I noticed this buff.
Can’t check if it was same for Alberich as this fight was quite time ago and he is only survivor on screenshot.

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Can anyone tell me how this team can generate 100% mana every turn? I don’t see anything in their cards or defense that would give them full mana every turn?

I spy with my eye a Purple Behemoth named Ludwig. That should be the reason why his neighbours had 100% mana by turn 5 and 6. Maybe by turn 4.


I killed him first he never had a chance to go off? I honestly feel it was very strange.

Hmmm if Ludwig didn’t go off, then it’s odd that the remaining 4 enemies activate every turn.

Did you video or take SS ? You may want to post those in your OP for others to look at. They may be able to answer you.

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Only Ludwig can give 100% at turn 6.
This buff is kept on allies even after Ludwig is killed too.

But it wouldn’t be the whole team. Only his neighbours. Max 2 enemies after Ludwig is killed.

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Yes, the neighbours only.

I have a quick question: could someone tell me where a character’s ability to regenerate their mana by 100% for three turns comes from? I encountered this in a PvP fight and I don’t know how it is acquired or how it is activity. So I don’t know where it comes from… I see it on penguy characters and other one.

Was Ludwig between them? Can’t miss him. Purple guy with a 6 turn taunt.


Ludwig’s special generates 100% mana for nearby three times in six moves. First time in three, second time in two, third in one.

But it’s dispellable unless there is another wolf hero.

The angry looking guy in a wolf mask? Ridiculous getup. What would his mother say?


She’d tells him to go brush his teeth and leave the girls in the red hoodies alone.



“Ludwig van Beethoven, get back here right now! What’s this I hear about you and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart playing with that Franz Liszt? It makes no sense!”


ok thanks for your answer. I don’t notice it when i scan the team.

He is a real jerk. Especially as when he is in taunt you need two dispellings. One to dispel his taunt, second to remove the Allie’s mana generation.