[MASTER] NoSpend2.0 / NoSpendNovember

Master topic for the forum for the above.

Not endorsing it nescessarily, just making a master thread for the topic.

Also to avoid derailing Fur and Zeros threads further, please use this one.


where is the freedom of opinion? It is embarrassing, nor can we give an opinion, this is from the players and you live thanks to us who are the ones who keep the game The PAKETE DELUXE alliance supports the strike of not buying anything for 2 weeks due to the scams and deceptions of empires and zynga in the materials of ascension of 4 * and invocations of 5 * nothing no matter how much you spend and the ℅ that it is random nobody is believe it are your excuses


what happened to the real November Event? The Movember

Imho the Movember is more important and the #nospendnovember is doomed to fail from the very beginning…


Looked you up, nice alliance, perhaps it would be helpful if all other alliances who are participating could just comment with their alliance name and a :+1: to signify participation


Of course you can give an opinion. In fact you just did. And I can disagree with it. That’s not stopping you having an opinion. That’s me having one too.


What’s the point of just 2 weeks? Just stop spending all together. If you really want to make a point, stop spending all together. Let’s be real, all SG will do is pump out more offers after 2 weeks and all yall that spend tons of money will just buy the new offers and they will make up that 2 weeks in a few days.


Then E&P is the next on the list

Would be sad, because this is a good game with a great community.


I expected this to be about how you’ve had topics close, but the title has nothing to do with the thread.

You’re more than welcome to share an opinion here. You did and many more do on a daily basis.

I’m f2p so I guess I’m on board.

Was it version 30 that was the worst update ever that led to no spending? Whatever happened to that?


Where is the freedom of opinion if everyone is expected to do the same thing?

Just asking …


I really understand the sentiment. And I applaud the stand.
However, I very much doubt that a two week “no spend” will impact SG at all.
But good luck with your cause - for me you would probably be better asking everyone to go very C2P for a three month period starting at Christmas 2021


Agree with some thoughts here -

  1. will only 2 weeks make an impact? Why not more?

  2. does no spend include not looking at mystic vision, or using in-game currency like tokens and gems ?

  3. will there be someone keeping us informed here? Not all of us are members of top alliances, how can we keep updated and contribute?

  4. if SG does take notice, who will address them on our behalf?

I’m not trying to criticise, I’m trying to raise points that can help improve the movement :slight_smile:



I’m already in since September 19th, but proud to be a part of the revolutionary community! :slight_smile:


together we are strong!!


Which alliances are participating?

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This is definitely a good, tangible and real way to express displeasure! I don’t spend anyway as I don’t feel it’s worth it - but this might be a good way to get SG to listen


I usually never spend anything outside of events. But when the events come, I blow the load, which is terrible.

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All for this. For my own reasons #ListenToTheCommunity.

Whether it be the ignored duplicate issue, power creep, portal after portal, loot rolls, buff inari, sliders on training camps, top100 loot RNG etc.
We all have our individual reasons, and personally I think this has gone on far too long.

@Guvnor What do you think about adding a list of participating alliances to the lead post?


the fourth attempt was when I let myself be posted by the moderators of the forum there freedom of expression the issue was the only way I have captured