[Master -- NO BUG/ NOT A THING] Nerfed / Issues with Atlantis Coins / Seadragons etc

Creating this thread as a master as it appears literally every single Atlantis Rises to some degree.


Common complaint that occurs is that there are not many/ any sea-dragons appearing in this atlantis compared to “normal”… Despite conducting {x} flasks / runs in {y} normal farming spot.


This topic appears EVERY SINGLE Atlantis Rises…

  • Every AR, the question gets asked “did SG nerf Atlantis Coins?”; “Are the Atlantis Seadragons still there?” etc…
    And the answer is invariably “Yes, they’re still there”

  • The drop rate is just really low… Always has been; and likely always will be… [Ref many complaints / discussion here: How rare exactly is the Atlantis Rises seadragon? (10% chance)]

  • The drop rate appears to be higher on Hard Mode compared to Easy Mode; likewise it appears a higher drop rate on later provinces compared to earlier ones.

To Repeat:

  1. The Seadreagons are still there…

  2. the drop rates are still tiny & thus it is almost impossible to gather any sort of statistically viable/ valuable data set to prove that any change in the odds has happened… Sure a lot of annecdotal inferrances but no concrete data set.

Did you get the right seadragon…?

There are two different Seadragons that appear in Atlantis. There is the NORMAL one (which appears alllll the time; then there is the ORICHALCUM Seadragon which ONLY appears during Atlantis Rises.


Known Historic Bugs:

Dec 2020 Seadragons & Loot Tickets

There was a case-study / bug previously relating SPECIFICALLY to loot-tickets & the simulation of monsters in each run. Essentially when using a batch of loot tickets, it did the mob count for the FIRST run only, and then applied that out to every subsequent loot-ticket run in a batch.
Meaning it was a feast-or-starv situation with Atlantis Coins

This has been rectified and has not been seen since.

Read more here: [SOLVED] Inconsistent Atlantis Coin Drops Using Loot Tickets (4 Dec: Coins Disabled for the Current AR Event)

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Ohs Nos!

The RNG has Got mee! I am not getting any dragons or coins!

Plz! Someone adjust the outcome of these odds to my favour - clearly I am being exploited!

Save me Mods! Save me Devs! Someone save me from my entitlement for free summons!


Hoje joguei bastante Atlantida, matei vários dragões marinhos e não ganhei moeda alguma. Por favor corrijam este bug e compensem este prejuízo.

Today I played a lot of Atlantida, I killed several sea dragons and I didn’t win any coins. Please correct this bug and make up for this damage.

Why are seadragons still so rare? The encounter rate should increase significantly now, S3 is done and S4 is almost here. Like what’s the big deal in upping the encounter rate for the seadragons?

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SG flatly denied any changes on the appearance rates of the seadragon, but us players who are the ones toiling in the said S2 map almost endlessly during Atlantis Rising tell us differently. Yeah, seadragons are there, no question about that. But its appearance rate is not what it used to be. I stopped buying the loot tickets since the previous months. It is not worth using those tickets in AR. Will only resume getting them if and when the drop rates of those coins are returned to its previous iteration. Thanks, Small Giant.


I’ve been repeating 27:2 to complete the avatar missions, and have found multiple seadragons… Some dropping 10, or 5 but mostly 2 or 3.


I still use loot tickets on 19-1 normal :


It’s probably just RNG, but I’m seeing substantially higher than normal drop rates this AR. I’ve only used 12 or so flasks and am at over 150 coins. Normally I use 25 flasks and get barely over 100.


Será que é só comigo ou com mais jogadores? Não ganhei nenhuma moeda de Atlântida desse mês, pra onde essas moedas foram?

Is it just me or more players? I didn’t win any Atlantis coins that month, where did those coins go?

Pois é, não tá vindo as moedas,já joguei e repetindo fases na Atlântida mas nada de moedas nenhuma esse mês não veio nenhuma por favor small giant não nos engane e fale a verdade se baixou a porcentagens ou nem vem mais moedas na Atlântida.

Well, the coins are not coming, I already played and repeating stages in Atlantis but no coins at all this month, none came please small giant do not deceive us and tell the truth if the percentage has dropped or no more coins are coming in Atlantis.

I can’t say if seadragons are nerfed or not, there is so much RNG in this game that my experience could just be the unfavorable result of it. I typically can get about 100-150 Atlantis coins during AR though and right now I have 57. Last month I also fell short of 100 (I think I was in the 70 range). So in my experience, the last 2 months have been a lot more dry. I do think they should be more frequent. Even if I were able to get 200 per Atlantis, the odds are still so low for pulling something good. I wish the developers would just appreciate their fans a little more and give us these small concessions. Keep the quality of life up around here. Cheers

It almost feels like SG throws a bone at us from time to time just to keep us addicted and spending, doesn’t it :rofl:

Addicted? Yes. Spending? Not so much.

forget the seadragons. i swear it takes me longer to farm the same amount of backpacks from province 1 each time - or at least the last two or three times - despite having leveled up, WE flasks going farther etc.

so yeah, backpack farming is my etc.

did they reverse the nerf?

I have used over 40 loot tickets so far and no coins have arrived. I know this has happened before, can SG please check there are no bugs or issues the game

I can share that I did receive coins recently.


You must to try 13/1 normal or hard

I do 2 flasks (57 energy per flask) and get 5 coin. I think the decrease seahorse spawn the rate to about Valhalla Forever gnome spawn rate.

Just another case of RNG gonna RNG. I used 2 flasks and 12 tickets this morning before starting work and got 31 coins. Last one not great, one before that most ever. It comes in cycles.

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