[Master. -- NO BUG] New formation changes Target and Nearby to All Heroes

In the new version when encountering the Double formation, if Elena or Boril is kn yhe center, their special covers all heroes. This does not seem fair as it shoul only cover neighbours.

No bug; is working as intended:

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Thanks for the fast reply. Just seems odd that those heroes are now suddenly much stronger. :slight_smile:

Dear support,

I have noticed that when Sif is used in defence and they use the formation double when the special goes off it gives counter attack to all the heroes. On the screenshot below you can see that the person I attak has one hero down, but all 4 of the remaining heros have the Sif’s counterattack on.

Please have it checked.

I think it is working as intended. The double and reverse double raid defense formation make the center hero have his buffing skills applicable to all by nature of such formation. We do see this in certain maps and events where your hit 3 heroes appear to hit more enemies than usual.



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So this is how they work now.
Nice to know.

Thanks for the explanation.

Target and nearby hitters/buffers/debuffers get advantage in those formations where they buff all the team. You could say it makes Sif (at this scenario) much better for her buffing the whole team but you could also say attackers using for example Hel, Mits and other hit target and nearby also get advantage if they hit that mid hero.

It is working as intended. And if you target Sif with a Hit-3 dispeller and follow-up with various other Hit-3 attackers you can easily do greater harm to the entire enemy team, than her skill provides.

Sif’s special is supposed to work for her and nearby allies but in the double formation it’s working for all allies. This needs to be addressed otherwise it will change the whole complexion of the game and will give an unfair advantage to some players.
I am posting a screenshot for reference. Even though I killed Heimdall first, Sif’s special still activated Alice. I barely won the match in the end but I think for formation like double or reverse double a hero special must not change.
There is also a clear gap between Sif and the wings so they should not be part of her specials.

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In this defensive formation, all of Sif’s defenders are “nearby”. So, Sif’s special affects all defenders.

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I kinda think this is the point :woman_shrugging:


This is something you just have to notice and account for when picking your team. Yeah this formation has some advantages but also weaknesses.

I have not yet had an opportunity to fire C-BT, C-Marjana, and C-Azlar on a full 5 defense that will roast all five heroes at once for 7k+ damage. but I will sure post it when I do.

I suposed its a bug i encounterd… cyprian placed in the middle of the enemy team casted counterattack to all heroes in double reverse team defense , and i not talking of cyprian costume …i mean 125 % counterattack

It’s a feature of that formation type. It also works in reverse… any hit 3 attacks you do on him will impact all 5 heroes. Because they are all standing “next” to the center hero

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I found bugs in New Foundations. Borill(보릴)'s skill is effected on three with Borill and next two but in the screen shorts you can find everyone are effected of skill of Borill.

새벽에 한판 하나가 빡쳐서 올리니까 빨리 고쳐라.

It’s actually not a bug, in this specific formation his counterattack will be applied/ shared to all allies. Since he is placed in the center of the formation, all his allies are in his nearby position.

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Yes, So it is not bug in this game. It’s bug in programmers. Borill is 4 star hero but now he would like be 5 stars.

Its the nature of this formation. Whoever you put in the center gets their special magnified - this applies to 3*, 4* or 5*. However, any 3-hitters you shoot into him will also end up applying to all 5 of the opposing heroes. So the center defensive hero becomes stronger, but so do any 3-hitters you bring with you

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Hi ,

Then the double reverse setup should be chanced because its going to create lors of unbalances…my opinion.

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