[Master -- NO BUG; just reduced loot] Could anyone explain? Why didn't I get pieces of TITAN?

Titan rewards came in very little, although the harpoon completed the first tier, it did not give out titanium shards.
Even when I went to help with Titan, I was getting better material. I would like to point out that when the titan came, I was in the alliance and I did not come out in between (as you know the war started, I could not leave )What is the problem?!

It’s a reduced titan loot (tier VII instead of XIV) because probably did not pass the required time since your previous titan kill. Could that be?


Exactly this… Not expert on Russian, but I am pretty sure it says there it is “reduced loot”.

If you clicked on that little question mark you would get more details, but as UroSecondo said, if you change your alliance you get couple hours penalty where your loot level is cut in half (this is to avoid people jumping from alliance to alliance killing titans and getting more ascension mat rolls than loyal alliance members).

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I have 66 consecutive titans and I have not received anything 4 * and I specify that I am in the top 10 for titan, even the first many times.

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