[Master -- NO BUG; just reduced loot] Could anyone explain? Why didn't I get pieces of TITAN?

Agree with Benn here.
That is not the solution

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I just tested twice each with 3 harpoons and killed 2 titans and got no titan parts. Attached screenshot. You should probably have a look.

This is not a bug. You got the “Reduced Loot Tier” since you were most probably mercing and switching alliances. In order to receive full titan loot, you will need to wait 12 hours (if i am not wrong) since there is a cool down period to prevent exploiting such loopholes :slight_smile:


Yeah I know that, reduced loot and no loot are not the same, but thanks for your reply :slight_smile: they should then deactivate the harpoon use for such users if there won’t be any titan parts given. Another bad solution from SG for such problems.

No bug here. As @TribL said; it is because you have got “reduced loot tier…”

When you get reduced loot tier you have 3 things happen:

  1. The loot tier & rolls you get are reduced by half (rounded up).

  2. No titan parts drop; and

  3. You get none of the “Rare Titan” loot

    • So no Valhalla coins, no “bonus item” and no emblems

The triggers for “reduced loot” are explained more here. [Master] Reduce titan loot

Then there is an issue there @Guvnor , if there is no titan part drop then harpoon use shouldn’t be active.

ahh see but one can’t do that because:

  1. People like using the harpoons as they combine both an Attack Debuff AND a Defence Debuff… means you don’t need to take someone like Wilbur or the like. So it becomes a strategic battle item for reasons OTHER than just the fact that it can trigger the dropping of Titan Parts.

  2. In most alliances, there are other people in the alliance other than just yourself.

You got it wrong @Guvnor I meant it should inactive for the affected member who will get the reduced loot.

But what if that member wants to use the Harpoon as a battle item to do Attack Debuff and Defence Debuff?

No other battle item does Defence Down status ailment other than the Giant Harpoon. There are a great many players who take & use Harpoons purely for this reason, even if the Alliance Harpoon Target has been reached already…


They can always use Vakyrie Bane for defence down if anyone really wants to spend expensive mats for reduced loots in the end, there is at least an option for such people.

But what if they want to save their titan parts for some other 5* battle item? Giant Harpoon requires only resources and an easily farmable crafting material :slight_smile:

My point is just that, currently, by having it “unlocked” allows players to play however they want; not restricting battle item use according to play style. If it was to change to being “locked” for convinence sake on some accounts will cause an inconvinence / restriction elsewhere.


I understand your point, but frankly I never met anyone bothering with expensive mats for high scores on a reduced titan. And also since harpoon use is active more people who doesn’t know the reduced loot will waste harpoons and end up here in forums for a reason why there was no loot since according to game and what they are seeing they should have get the loot, you see the problem here? There is no info/warning about reduced loot after all…

Well said. Harpoons should always be available, regardless of reduced loot or not. Up to the player if they want to use it or not - it has plenty of uses beyond just titan parts.

Side note - does Tier II even give many titan parts?

Maybe not someone who is hunting 1* titans for PoV but what if you join a new alliance where they are fighting 14* titans?

Personally? Not really… But you’re welcome to create a #ideas-feature-requests thread if you want. Maybe you’ll garner additional support there; but for now, there isn’t a “bug” or “issue”.

Some clever cookie did a project to find that out :wink: TLDR, yes; 1 part. Odds are the same as for all other loot tiers.


We have defeated a titan, but one of our team members did not get the titan parts. The Alliance name: Fény Lovagjai, the member who did not get them is: Pipogya
This is what i got:

This is what he got
He is a newcomer, but he was here before the titan arrived.

Hiya @Boborjan

Merged your thread.

See my responses earlier in the thread for explanation:

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