[Master -- NO BUG; just reduced loot] Could anyone explain? Why didn't I get pieces of TITAN?

Maybe a penalty to those group of players who often create alliance to lower war scores in the hope to be pitted against weaker alliances during wars. I dunno… just saying.

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How is it not wrong to create a new Aly, because we would be punished without first informing ourselves? Not that you’re wrong. But the system does

How much time was there between you joining the alliance and the time the titan was killed?

22:00 to 10:00. We always wait 12 hours. After the last War it seems to have changed, players who had been in the game for a long time won the spoils. It seems to me that time has been changed.

Hopefully! SG dry that mud hole!


If you joined AFTER the spawning of the titan you default to getting “reduced loot”; reduced loot does NOT have Titan Parts.

Additionally if you change alliances, it starts a 20 (TWENTY) hour timer. if you get more Titan Loot in that time, you ALSO get Reduced Loot.

Neither scenario is new.


@markpessan this isn’t a “new” thing mate. It’s been around for at least a year… Just gotta search “reduced loot” on the forum for examples.

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But with 12 hours we were receiving Items normally. I’m very confused

The “20 hours” clause only triggers if you LEAVE an alliance and join another one.

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Eh? The issue solved by the OP himself? But the solution posted was withdrawn for everybody to read. What was it?


This was the first withdrawn post.

And this was the second. But why withdraw these posts?

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Yeah, I don’t get the whole “win at any cost” ethos either? What happened to fun?

We found the solution. We dropped Tita at 10 am yesterday. We also dropped another one at 10 in the morning. Completing 24 hours.
Between one Tita and the next his death cannot be below 20 hours

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Useful intel’. Thanks.

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Perhaps this is a translation issue, but no, that’s not a correct conclusion. If you defeat a titan near the end of its timer and then defeat another one in less than twenty hours, you will get full loot for them.

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Agree with Benn here.
That is not the solution

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I just tested twice each with 3 harpoons and killed 2 titans and got no titan parts. Attached screenshot. You should probably have a look.

This is not a bug. You got the “Reduced Loot Tier” since you were most probably mercing and switching alliances. In order to receive full titan loot, you will need to wait 12 hours (if i am not wrong) since there is a cool down period to prevent exploiting such loopholes :slight_smile:


Yeah I know that, reduced loot and no loot are not the same, but thanks for your reply :slight_smile: they should then deactivate the harpoon use for such users if there won’t be any titan parts given. Another bad solution from SG for such problems.

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