[MASTER -- NO BUG: just on Tier II of Complete Daily Challenge] Path of Valor (POV) Daily Challenge credit not awarded

I have 3 Daily challenges completed but my POV for Completely daily challenges shows only 2, and is not complete.

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That’s because you completed the Daily Challenges I, which is for just one of them, and then have completed two of three for Tier II.



POV opened today and the challenge to complete 3 daily POV challenges is showing 2/3 complete even though I completed all 3 daily challenges.

The 1st daily challenge that you completed gave you 50 points and then you have 2/3 out of the next level


Sorry I just realized what happened and feel pretty dumb now.

It happens to all of us every now and then

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The daily Challenges they aren’t being registe


as you can see in the following image

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Every POV. Like clockwork.

Please see this thread for further info.

Good luck!


That’s because tier 1 was finish 1 daily challenge

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Your first daily challenge went toward tier I. You are now 2/3 of the way toward tier II…

Haha I am too slow :rofl:

I do not understand

Observe this previous image and observe in it as if the fulfillment of the daily Challenges event is registered

It’s Complete Daily Challenges II <-- which has 3 challenges.
Complete Daily Challenges I only had 1 which you’ve already completed. The other 2 count toward the 2nd task.

Or put another way

Complete Daily Challenges I - 1/1 (Completed)
Complete Daily Challenges II - 2/3 (In Progress)
Complete Daily Challenges III - 0/5 (?)


Yep. Totally agree. 20 times over.


I am Path to Valor VI. My Daily Challenge is short 1 event, my Titan Kill is not posted, I saved 51 Titan summons and only 48 are counted- my points being granted is very low-

The new Path of Valor is awful for the rewards.

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Path of valor. The complete daily challenges not add at complete daily challenges ii .

date 10/5/2021.

This does not look like a bug. You completed three daily tasks, and validated « Complete daily challenges I ». Now you have to complete 6 new daily tasks to complete level II.

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