[Master] Ninja tower complaints (Game play)

Rare quests don’t have 25x2 levels with curse effect. That’s an awful comparison


As far as I can tell, it’s a random rant about the difficulty this time, not about the length :man_shrugging:


She did mention the curse so you can’t reuse :man_superhero: , rare quests don’t have that effect

Anytime one sees the word “fair” in a post, it’s a safe bet the next dozen or so paragraphs are about changing an entire ecosystem to a personally acceptable vision of C2P.



So? Emblem quests have class restrictions. ToL has 1-time use restriction.

That’s completely not the point.

The point is the rant is about the tower being too hard for new players. I just pointed out another thing that is too hard for new players that nobody seem to be complaining about. If the game was balanced to have 100% event completion by new players it would be a pointless game. And whether that difficulty comes just from monsters being strong or various hero selection restrictions is really secondary.

I can’t finish Diablo II Hell difficulty with character level 25. Should I complain the game is unfair and needs to be made easier? Or does that just mean I need to play more on difficulty level where I belong, farm my skills and items and stop being a noob?


You can complain how you like, this is a forum for people to put their views across without being shot down every single time.

What I don’t like is when people shoot others down with bad comparisons.


Lmao guy, you are the one complaining here.

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I’ll let you be happy and think that. I think I’ll talk to a brick wall instead.

Good day.

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:rofl: 20 characters etc etc

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I understand your predicament as newer or less deep roster and troop players have a hard time with heavy challenge events like Ninja Tower and to a lesser degree Magic Tower. My personal view is that I totally love the Ninja Tower. It allows for developing much higher levels of game play and strategy development. Synergies are developed here like crazy. Completing Ninja Tower early on was an amazing milestone and helped me progress even further. You truly get to know your heros and what they do. Quality of Life for the seasoned players that we enjoy immensely. Major Ninja Tower Fan Boy!!!


@Ellena could you maybe share your roster.

If i am not mistaken you say that because you cannot replay to improve your score makes it unfair. (Which in return implies that you finished the event)

Which does not really make it unfair to anyone as everyone are in the same position of not being able to replay stages.

Now IF you are implying that is unfair to newer players who does not have a strong enough bench, I will argue this:

I have been playing since Nov 2018 went through all the phases of cannot finish anything to can finish everything to pushing for rankings.

It will be unfair to me ( I have walked the hard yards, played daily, developed my heroes, watched thousands of ads etc…) if all events can be completed with a rainbow leveled 4* team.

Secondly i measured my progress for each event getting great satisfaction of improving until i could finally finish an event or quest.


E&P gives lots of various events and it is not a must to pass them all to the end.

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I am still new to the game, almost a year, and I have never finished NT. I measure my success by the fact as I get stronger and my heroes more developed I am able to complete higher levels in the towers. This time I’ve made it to the 15th floor, that’s a 5 floor improvement. just keep trying… you’ll get there. :two_hearts:


I have ZERO doubles maxed and I have finished the last 6 towers often with only 1 or 2 heros cursed during the entire event.

If you play with your focus only on avoiding curses you can not lose a single hero in the event

The tower events require their own special approach to strategy. Once I realized this and adjusted my play it’s become a rather easy event.


The event is easier if:

  • You have a really deep roster, so you can absorb lots of curses
  • You have a really deep roster, so you can bring heroes bigger than you need to squeak through a level: clearing in fewer moves makes it easier to avoid curses
  • You have deep reserves of battle items, and can tornado etc like crazy to avoid curses
  • You have lots of time to play, doing dozens of levels in addition to chasing quests, raids, war, titans, PoV, even regular map levels, etc - and time in which to carefully consider moves to try to avoid curses
  • You have some decent luck. Sometimes oni curses pop up in places that are hard to manage, even when using items. (And you can only bring so many items….)
  • You particularly enjoy incremental rewards and/or the particular challenges of the Deadly Chamber effects, or both

So yeah, it’s definitely not equally for everyone. (For instance, it’s a long way from my favorite.)


Excuse me Ellena,
but if you do not have 10+ maxed 5* heroes and 20+ 4* heroes, you are not „ in the middle“ then you are in the lower third or quarter of the player base. The towers are designed only for for the best 5-10% players to finish, and that is ok. You can play map stages and quests. There are tournaments exclusively for 3* and 4* heroes, that caters especially to newer players or those without a good hero roster. What would you think if top players were starting to complain against 3* content, because they are only interested in 5* heroes?
I would tell them „ if you not like it, dont play it“. And this is, politely, my message to you. Try to grab as much loot from the towers as you are able to, stop if the item usage is too expensive for you.
Accept that there is content you are not able to do yet. Did you finish S2 or S3? The last stages were not easy and weaker players are not able to win them.
I played the first 6 or 7 stages of the tower with 3 3* and two weaker and unemblemed 4* to save battle items, none used.
Those heroes were dispensable for me, did not bother to fend off curses. The first ten to 15 stages are doable for weak rosters. And if you dont need the emblems, save them for later. A 5* hero needs 1500 emblems to go to talent node 20.
And you can collect tower coins, even if you need a year to get 100 coins, its a free pull for at least a 3* hero.

And with all games or recreational activities, you decide if you do them , when you do them , and how you do them. Most important have fun, if the game is no longer a good experience for you look for new activities.

Good luck to you


I don’t see any level 16 players in those leaderboards.

Things that you would expect to cater:
Get MOBBED by folks that are not new,
have hundreds of feeders after dumping money in a portal,
And have a glut of emblems to boot.

“If you don’t like it, then don’t play it”
Is a popular mantra

With a singular endgame

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I absolutely hate the Ninja Tower. There isn’t the smallest bit of fun to be had there for me.
So far, I forced myself to go to level 20 to collect at least some loot and chests.
This time I did the first three levels and decided to stop. I probably won’t go any further than level 1 next time, if that.
Am I missing opportunities for loot, including emblems? Yes, I am. More importantly, I am remembering that this is a game and doesn’t have to be a chore.


Just got to Tower Level 11 and that is all for me. Too much time spent trying to avoid oni curses and don’t have the mats to make any Tordados to avert them. There is no loot for the average player for completion that makes it worth while. No reason to play/try Ninja Tower. Too much time for way too little reward. If you are bored with life, have all the time and money in the world to throw at this game then Ninja Tower is for you. Do I have a suggested alternative.

Why yes I do. Contests and Challenges should be handicapped so that all have an equal chance of actually win or get in the Top 1,000 or so and not just for players that have a bevy of 20 emblemed 5 star heroes. Base all of the challenges/events on the combined strength of your 30 best heroes and 5 best Troops just like War Score. Then adjust the strength of the Heroes in the Challenge/Event accordingly. Then you will have a Ninja Tower that can be attempted by all and not just the high paying customers that probably have more max level 5 stars than they know what to do with.

Having your Heroes killed at the Ninja Tower Level 11 just makes it no fun so no real reason to play and no real reason to enjoy the game. And that is with emblemed 4 star heroes.

Weekly Tournaments are the favorite part of the game as they are indeed handicapped by matching you against like strength opponents. Why not make the other events more similar to this model?? Just my 0.02 cents. Your mileage may vary.


I can say, honestly, I have never played events or challenges or whatever with any intent of winning in the sense of finishing first. I have, though, won lots and lots of stuff at little or no cost to me.

Right now, ninja tower gives me the flags necessary to get stuff. Free exp is great. Yes, it is a challenge. A challenge that gets easier as you grow in the game.

I have grown with the game…got the broken cell phone to prove it. Didn’t ask the devs to replace it or make the game easier.


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