[Master] Ninja tower complaints (Game play)

I just hate ninja tower. If you wanna make a better score, you cannot, because some of the heroes are cursed. This event is only for the old players, who have doubles maxed, so the game becomes bohring for all the rest of us during this selective event.,


Every piece of content should not be equally accessible for all players


There are a lot of videos of the Ninja Tower, some of them even show how to climb it safely without losing almsot anyone to curses, other show the competitive approach and the required items/party composition. And yes, like it’s with any competitive event, those that have better heroes’ selection have a significant advantage. Although that shouldn’t discourage you to climb as much as you can. If you think it’s not worthy competing, just complete as much as you can. Competition in the older Ninja Tower also included multiple valuable battle items like Scrolls of Alterations and Hurricanes.


Then where is the pleasure to play? The rewards are not appealing for many players, so this event is only for a few


I will check the calendar from now on, and only enter when this event ends


So I thought at first when I saw the Ninja Tower back in December 2020. At the next tower I started climbing high enough to be able to open some chests and saw the quantity of emblems inside. Also the experience gain, and the fact that these rewards were World Energy free. That is all very appealing. Plus when you climb even a bit higher, you will probably get 10x each emblem instead of only 3x for participation. The challenge difficulty included to finish the event with a limited roster is also very appealing, at least to me. There is that top chest with the % probability of a 4* ascension mat which should be appealing to most (not so appealing to me btw). Emblems are extremely important, even more for the beginner players with limited rosters, and these players should take on every opportunity to get some more. I remember that at the second Ninja Tower I managed to climb to floor 15 and at the time (I had barely an ascended 4* in every color) I had to waste a lot of Bombs and Dragon attacks to do so - and even back then I considered it worth it.

Of course, many players don’t consider the Ninja Tower worthy of their time. Most of them actually cannot deal effectively with curses and they lose a lot of heroes all of the time as a result. Or they just value their items for other events or have shortage of key items (like Tornadoes). For many who want to emblem their 5* the emblems dropped by the Ninja Tower floors look like scraps. If you are one of these players, just don’t bother with the tower.


With this logic, rare quests for ascension mats are unfair as level 10 account won’t be able to get Damascus blade because their rosters are too weak…

Sorry but I don’t buy this. Game would be pointless if every piece of challenge was able to complete without the right heroes/deep rosters.

Where is the pleasure if I can finish everything on autoplay without even looking at the screen?


While, I am also not much excited about NT or MT and don’t complete it, except collect free XP…
I disagree with that they are designed for OLD PLAYERS.

If you or any player is keen to complete the tower, then, there are enough videos shared by players who have completed it, which clearly shows that battle items play a key role to not let heroes get cursed and hence play on till the end.

Now, you / certain players might have a view about battle items being easy to make by OLD PLAYERS… & again the answer is NO !!

So, the key to playing the Tower is how much motivated - interested a player is & a planned approach forward !

About the REWARDS, since many towers have passed, we can’t really complain about that
they are what they are !

I have completed the NT twice and did it with hardly use of any weapons, played at my pace, clearing tiles & was able to clear it with most of my 5* heroes unused… BUT the biggest impact was, I was NOT stressed at all…
Hence, I got firsthand experience that the Tower is not about OLD PLAYERS, P2W or any conspiracy by SG…
It is just another format of an event designed for players who are interested.

Finally, TOTALLY disagree that every event / play aspect in the game should be designed for access to ALL PLAYERS…
This game is 4+ years & what interests OLD players will be different from New player preferences
I am glad that there is variety…

Food for thought:
There are many quests that give 3 & 4* mats, challenge events that players can’t complete till they collect - level up heroes + learnt how to play fast, move tiles, see scenarios, etc…
That’s how it is !

So lets find ways to play, instead of unnecessary complaining = So that real complaints are taken seriously !

Happy playing !


This is not a good point of view for the business , to only have this event for so many days, new players have difficulties with the map and the other events, and when this event appeared, they slowly deleted the game, for the lack of abordability


With that logic you turned off the television if you don’t like the TV-program ? Just switch the channel and watch other programs. In EP you can still do the maps, common/uncommon/rare quests, hit the titan and play the war. Still a lot of things to do.


Missing the point, Blord

New players are indeed hard pressed to keep their interest in the E&P game, however it’s not due to the Ninja Tower, rather it’s due to the developers’ policy to make more and more things in the game pay to play. If they want to lure in new players, they should offer them enough good stuff for free or for just a bit of cash to lure them in and keep them. As it is right now, the devs are erasing all early-game newbie player helpers slowly but surely, which is the actual reason of new players deleting the game after a while.


And I’m totally cool with that. I hate the Ninja tower and I have been playing 2 years, 9 months. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. Works for me.


Every new player has content they can’t complete until their roster is more developed and more heroes levelled and maxed out. In the same way you can’t expect to straight away be able to hit 14 star titans you can’t expect to be able to complete every event. The towers are as close to end game content as there is in the game. Experienced players need a challenge too


I don’t have doubles maxed of anything bar a Wilbur. I’ve finished inside the top 500 last 3 times and inside the Top 500 of Magic tower.

So far I’ve been using C.Gunnar and Nordri…

We can’t improve scores but people being able to do that on events isn’t fair apparently.

So it seems when you can’t replay it’s not fair to some and when you can it’s not fair to others.

Who knew that different people would have different views?!?


I just go at it like my man Leroy Jenkins did. There are a lot of casualties, but Leroy don’t give no chits.


There is nothing wrong with challenges for the old players, but in the mean time and between time give a challenge for the middle players too, we don’t need as much emblems and other materials that one can craft, what good are that for heroes that stay in 3/70?

This is literally how it works in every single game out there. Players of higher levels who’ve pulled and leveled up more heroes and play gazillion hours a day are definitely going to have an advantage compared to a casual F2P or a low level player who started a year ago.

Even in games where everyone is on the same playing field as far as what they have (ie. a game like Overwatch) experience and understanding of what hero/item to use and when plays a significant role.

Complaining about about this event not being “fair” is very “unfair”, when you consider the state of the game and everything people have done to get to the point of being able to complete it and compete for top spots.


:rofl::rofl: Leeroy is eternally engraved in our lives. New generations will never understand


I dont like new NT too, i like old one. Something that make mad

  1. 250 gem for flask that be used to complete 75 floors, no flask no top 10k / top 50k final reward maybe.
  2. Harder, that tower make all hero feel be nerfed although they get blessed. My ordinary heroes get more suffering because new dumb rule. Broke my ordinary mono team, weaker def down and mana control heroes, and reduce damage our deal damage from skill and weapon. And Yes it will make my last rank dropped absolutely.
  3. I am ok for completetion 25 first floors, but beside harder gameplay and must paying gem, final reward not change maybe become worse.

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