[Master] : New POV Daily Challenges

hahhaha i am the same!
Although we are only killing 10* and 11* at the moment, and we have a 12* so it’s a pass, so luckily this was fine for this challenge.

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Cool, what crew did u use?

I didn’t screen shot it but from memory it was:


Just fired a few Nado’s so everyone was charged and then played the rest stunning the Titan as often as I could.

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Rainbow Raid again, this took me about 4 or 5 tries, I do hate it but I did manage to do it, i dropped down to about 2440 cups though

I don’t think I could complete the rainbow raid one at higher (2600+) cup levels, I don’t have the roster for it. It’s much easier to find a reasonable defense to hit in the 2400s for me

I do greatly prefer the rainbow raid one to the “win a raid with no 5* hero” though :slight_smile:


I’m at Silver now, what a bonus to that then :sweat_smile:

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I for sure could not do the rainbow one above 2650. that’s when things get really rough. I get attacked from below a lot though, and i had a revenge in my tower this morning that I could take with my rainbow defense team, just swapping out cleanse for dispel.

and ha! ‘win a raid with no legendaries’ could be really hard without the right heroes, even in most of platinum, what with all the LB’d defenses you’d find even there. :sweat_smile:

win a raid with a rainbow team AND no legendaries! now that would be a challenge.

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let’s not give SG ideas :rofl: maybe they make some daily challenges so obnoxious, then start selling Valor Points in the shop too!

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hey! you said not to start giving SG ideas. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

see my post in the other thread. just wait till they want to sell you a costume for your stronghold! :laughing:

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I was at 2650 cups and just rerolled a few times and found a team with a couple of 4* in it. Did it first time but I do understand I have a roster that really helps in that regard. Still used C.Kiril as my blue though.

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…at least 5 heroes of the same element??

We can have at most 5 heroes in any team…so saying “at least” serves no purpose!

Could’ve just said “a team with all heroes of the same element” :crazy_face:


Lol I noticed that aswell :+1:

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I can live with the redundancy, to be honest :slight_smile: my view re language: as long as the message is clear, I don’t mind so much if grammar could be improved.

The way it is worded now, it was very clear to me what needed to be done.

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10 hero teams incoming…


Shhhh … don’t give them more weird ideas . They have enough of their own.:sweat_smile:

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It works too if you use loot tickets. Use a mono team, and voila…you have what you need.

I swear I played with a 46 hero team the other night. I was extremely drunk, but I can’t imagine how it could be relevant to the topic at hand.

Hopefully they don’t say one hero from each rarity. Imagine using a1* !!!

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I am waiting for the challenge to be : a team with 5 different classes

Going all nature in underwild and doing better surprisingly than when I was doing 3-2 water dark.