[Master] : New POV Daily Challenges

Thank you for making some that are actually challenging! Really like it when you mix things up, these are a great start :+1:


The Titan challenge is utterly ■■■■■■■■

Makes you waste one titan attack, complete nonsense


Looks like you have to actually win the raid in which you create power shards (diamonds) for them to count towards PoV. Right?


These are just plain dumb challenges.


I believe so, in 3 raids I formed 4 shards but it still says 2/3.


Rainbow titan hit feels like a waste of a flag. I like the other two though.


the titan one needs to go. a complete waste of a flag.

i love the idea of the others. i think some should give more points.

sadly not all players can complete the seasons one.


The one with power shards is fine.
The one with a titan is rubbish. Don’t like and I will probably skip it.
The middle one is also not for me. I don’t play S3 or S4 anymore.

My rating is 1/3, so not good.


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I reckon I can still do a pretty big hit in Rainbow to a 14*.

It’s actually going to be (dare I say it) Fun to try.

A challenge is supposed to be challenging and for a long time they haven’t been. It’s a puzzle game irrespective of what you feel about it so rather than just doing the same stuff each day it’s nice to have it mixed up.


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Everyone is different but “waste of a flag” means nothing to me. Never buy them and I never merc so I have 71 Titan flasks. Use 1 on each rare Titan just to hit B loot quickly.

Plus we kill 14* titans with at least 8 hours to go each and every time. So I waste Titan flags everyday anyway.

Not every single thing is going to please everyone. But the Titan challenge is a fun little inter-Alliance challenge to me. Who can get the biggest hit.


I’m ok with a challenge like:

Win a raid with a rainbow team or sth like that

That’s challenging, you have to either drop lots of food to find an easy opponent or you have to really figure out how to beat the opponent’s heroes and such a challenge might even help you developing skills like finding counter heroes etc

But for Titan I need to do as much dmg as possible, because in my alliance we just do not slay every Titan in under 12h, so it makes it even more difficult for no reason


Pov was sold to us (back min the day) that it would be filled with tasks you do daily…

Well these challenges are really crap in my opinion. Waiting a titan, having to make sub optimal choices in raids that don’t count when you win, and waiting world flags just to so a trick.

I encourage the idea to bring badly needed new challenges but these are made up and far fetched at best


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What the heck is a power shard and how do I create one? Won 3 raids but only got two shards. None of my raids had rainbow teams of all five colors. Would be good if they provided explanation.


it is basically a diamond/crystal. power shard is an unusual name.

you just need to create 3 crystals in total, regardless or the team you use or number of raids.

Note: friendly battles don’t cound :frowning_face:


The Diamonds from combining 5 together


thanks for this. and it is only create, no need to pop/activate them?

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I hope you what you say is completely the opposite of what you mean :joy::joy: cause like WTF??? It’s stupid

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