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Amd the name change as well. The ninjas are based on Gemsstones

Ahhhhhh, but Lore doesn’t hide behind his name as his students do.

If there could be a feature like when heroe does his special all alias share each others specials?
Like c. Thorne when he does +24 mana it would apply for everyone?!

I am confused of what you are trying to say.

Me nether… The title states HOTM while in the description costume Thorne is mentioned.

Maybe @Mr_Smile wants that if you go to a fight with 5 heroes, then firing the special skill of one hero will activate all 4 other heroes special skill too ???

I think the idea is to have a HOTM with an ability to extend limited range buffs to all allies.

For example, HOTM fires their special skill. After this a Costumed Thorne fires his special skill. The mana buff that would normally just apply to Thorne is now applied to all heroes due to HOTM’s special skill.

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If they do this, imagine the rage threads over the synergies it would create.

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