Master (?) - New Hero Ideas, Special Skills, Classes & Talents

Sorcerer or wizard.

  • 80% chance of reviving defeated heroes

  • Caster restores z HP to all allies

  • Caster restores y mana to all allies

  • When revived heroes are killed they cannot be revived in any way again.

  • When revived heroes are killed caster gains one scarab minion per hero with x% attack and w% defense

The Huntsman (possibly a new Grimforest 5*)

Color: Nature/Green
Class: Ranger
Mana Speed: Fast

Deal 550 damage to the target (defense score doesn’t matter).
The next time the target reaches max mana, it takes 224 damage and the mana is reduced by half. This effect is not cleansable.

Admiral Thrail

Color: Ice/Blue
Class: Fighter
Mana Speed: Average

Preemptive Strike :wink:
Caster & nearby allies get +40% attack for 4 turns.
Caster & nearby allies get the Preemptive Strike status effect for 4 turns. (When this hero would receive damage or a damage-dealing special effect from an enemy’s Special Skill, first deal 240% damage to the attacker.)

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Potential for a new hero special idea…
Speed: slow
Deals 200% damage to all enemy heroes
Damage is increased by 15% for each minion the caster and all allies own
All minions owned by the caster and allies are destroyed.

Not sure if something like this has been suggested before but I think it could be a pretty cool hero.

Why would you want to destroy all your heroes?

Why not just create a hero called WindowLicker, whose special talent is “Stab yourself”?

I’ve prepared a helpful mockup of what it might look like:

Not all heroes just the minions, so minions owned by the casters allies. Apologies for the confusion and poor grammar.
Would be a slow hero so you could fire your minion creators a few times for maximum effect


Color: Ice/Blue
Class: Fighter
Mana Speed: Average
Tank Stats

All allies share damage received for 4 turns.
All allies counterattack with 100% damage received for 4 turns.


Color: Dark/Purple
Class: Sorcerer
Mana Speed: Average

Transform all Minions on your team to Fiends and randomly allocate them between targets.
Create Crawling Horror minions for all allies with 18% HP and 28% ATK inherited from the caster.
All allies get +34% Defense for 4 turns.
Cleanse status ailments from all allies.

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I don’t know whether this hero should be a hit-all, hit-three, or a sniper–probably a sniper. i don’t know how much the damage percentage of the special skill should be nerfed to accommodate the fact that it would never miss based on dodge buffs or accuracy debuffs. if the special damage were too high, i could see it being abused with Wu Kong or Ranvir.

it would not hit ghosted enemies (except if they’re Holy and hit Stonecleave). it would not hit hiding enemies. i don’t know if i’m missing any other buffs or scenarios that are like ghost status, but the “attack won’t miss” concept should only apply to ignoring dodge buffs and accuracy debuffs.

Puppet Master

Skill Speed : Average

Change Enemies Minion to Fiends. Each Amount of Fiends give different effect.
1 : Atk 20% down
2 : Def 20% down
3 : Atk Def and Regen Mana 20% down
Fiends deal 40% attack to Enemies

Change Ally Fiends to Minion with Buff based on the amount
1 : Atk 20% up
2 : Def 20% up
3 : Atk Def and mana regen 20% up
Minions deal 20% of the owner attack.


With the new circus heroes dropping, and seeing their unique specials of affecting a particular enemy, would it be a good idea to have heroes that target an ally? Ex:

  1. Target ally heals to full (3/4?) Health
  2. Target ally gets 50% increase to def
  3. Target ally gets 64% increase to attack

i want imperatore moth as like a hero card 4 or 5 stars

A hero that revert all ailments; negative defense or attack or mana generation will become positive, minions become fiends, blead, poison or water damage becomes healing. It can do the same to enemies reversing their buffs

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I think it would be cool to have a hero with costume where there was a bit more of a difference in appearance between the costumed and non-costumed versions. This Halloween, how about a Jeckyl and Hyde that comes with the costume?

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The illusionst



Average speed

The illusionist creates an illusion wich make the enemy attack its own members even the special attacks at full power for 3 turns

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My suggestion for a new hero special attack is the ability to swap tile colors. So, Hero X (who is a dark hero) sets off their special and 3 or 4 tiles randomly switch to purple. Essentially it would be just like the Scroll of Alteration.

Purple, Sorcerer, HotM

Name: Sedrick (or really anything else)


Attack - 630
Defense - 883
HP - 1397

Innate resistance: immune to blocking special ability

Innate ability: when at least 1 friendly hero is alive this hero reduce all taken damage by 35%

Special skill: never ending resistance
•Drain 350 health from the target (target lose 350hp caster gain 350hp) if drained health reach maximum casters health its added as temporary health)
•All allies gets +30% defense for 2 turns
•All allies who died in next 2 turns are revived with their abilities and stats reduced in half
•All dead allies have 80% chance to revive as Scary Skeletons
Scary Skeletons have 300atk, 300def, 400hp and ability: Bone throw(deals 150% to a random enemy).
Scary skeletons can’t be buffed/debuffed amd revived as original hero.

Elemental link: all dark/purple allies get +25% defence for 4 turns, this effect can’t be dispelled.

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good morning everyone .
Trying to contribute and help I came up with the idea that it would be very good to create a new hero with the following power, this could be a new hero of the month or some other event.

first option :
certain death: the idea is that the hero has the power to also hit an enemy if this enemy automatically revives in the next turn this power prevents it. Thus avoiding heroes who revive again and again. example bulstock with its talent network

I do not think it is unfair since it would only prevent it from reviving automatically and it would only affect a hero this could also affect the zombies of MARIE THERESA and another hero with a similar function.
the hero could be of average mana.

second option
This could be another hero that could also be from slow mana
which has the power to ensure that a hero, if he dies after being hit, cannot revive during the rest of the game either by north mother, heimball, alberich, etc.
being a slow mana hero and generating this effect against a single enemy would not be unfair in my opinion.
optionally it could vary in some way like
-if the hit hero dies within the next 3 turns he cannot be revived.
-if the hero dies when hit, he has a 50% chance that he cannot be revived.

but I think it would be good to add such a power in the game to be able to counter the heroes that revive and this will also help in a fast mana war against teams that put heroes that revive their heroes
I await your opinions in this regard, thank you very much
my humble contribution ratabboy from the argentine alliance network

New Christmas hero ideas

Pineless - happy pine tree with no pines
Average mana
Minion with 15% attack and defence from caster for all
Minion steals small amounts of mana from all enemies for 3 turns then destructs healing 20% for all allies

Blue Fairy - the one from shrek comes to mind but whatever floats your boat on that
Slow mana
Does 300% Damage to the 1st and 3rd hero in lineup from right to left. 200% if either hero is already down. Changes colour of all heroes to their weakness for 4 turns. Element link. Heals all blue allies 4%

Chimnast - chimney decorated with presents etc
Fast mana
Silences 2 heroes for 3 turns
40% increased attack for all allies and a further 5% increase for every attack over 4 turns
Deals 20% damage to itself, 2 turns after using special

I know it is too late, but I had an idea for a Season 4 hero that matches this perfectly:

Dorian Grey
Purple 5*
Avg Mana

Mirror Gaze

Leeches 30% of health of target, up to 800HP. If this would result in overhealing, added as temporary HP

Caster gets +40% Defense for 4 turns

Starting on 4th turn, character loses 20 HP/turn life drain damage. Can not be dispelled

It is fitting for him as a character, given how his “power” works in the actual Jules Verne world. I added on the negative effect to try and make it as realistic as possible as well as giving something to offset the ability since the healing is darn strong.

The extra stuff you have on top of it doesn’t really match up well with my character idea but I really like the concept.

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